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COMPLETELY fixed and reimagined, this island offers way too much to put here.

Permissions and credits
GET THIS AND 24 MAIDENS in ONE mod!!! Here:

I wanted to give my "fans" a gift as I wrapped up the Gemstone Prophecy Series, for all their support. And this is Part One. You don't need to know the Gemstone Prophecy lore to play this one, but if you know it then you will enjoy it a lot more. In this, the epilogue to the Gemstone Prophecy saga, The remaining Shyeri warriors and the other maidens have gone to the newly created island Bellaria (an island created by Bellari Herself after She decided that Rangard was now too flawed to have Her maidens on it), and the maidens are again the world's protectors, as Tao decreed. Get the 24 Maidens mod to fill the island with beauty!!

24 maidens available at:

This is a Huge custom Player Island. It Has goods, services, and adventure. Explore or read the spoilers:


1. Get this mod.
2. Get the follower mod "The 24 Gemstone Maidens of Bellari" ( )
3. Go on the world map and find the Portal to Bellari (near Solitude)
4. Put the girls all over the island... There's lots of idle markers :).
5. Rock On. 

- Requirements - 
1 & 2. - HDT SMP ( & XPMSSE ( are HARD REQUIREMENTS.  CTD will likely result when exchanging equipment with the girls in-game if not installed.
3. - CBPC physics (
4.- A Follower framework mod that will enable you to have 4 followers and enable you to manage their armor, weapons and inventory.
5. - The regular same ol-SKSE-Dragonborn-Hearthfires-Dawnguard-yada yada.
6. - This mod 

Questions and Answers:
Q - Why did you split up the mod? I thought the girls and the island was supposed to be together?   
A- The mods were going to be presented together but were always separate, and I decided since they are standalone mods anyway, I didn't wanna saddle anyone with 1 part they may not want (I.E. they may JUST want the island or JUST want the girls). They still are made to be used together so grab "The 24 Gemstone Maidens of Bellaria" and This mod and rock it!
Q - The other mod has 24 followers???   
A- Yup, every maiden that ever lived.1.
Q - do i have to play the series to enjoy it?   
A- Nope, although the ending may be lost on you :)

Q- I just finished it all. W T ...   
A- I know right? Who knows where this leads...but a lot of people are gonna            die lol

Venjhammet, for the Dungeons and Island he created for this finale and the future-
FF7Legend, for all the fine tuning he did on the mods including Error fixing, bug testing, NPC and boss improvements, Weapon/armor improvement AND for porting them all to SSE. He's the man.-
ThaneShayk, for all the post launch-pull advice and help, and for helping to add so much to Bellaria, Watch this guy.
Massive Master, for all the textures created by her in this mod (eyes, skin) the Bow used for Storm's Rain
RonnieMagnum, for Creating awesome weapons/armor for this mod, including Purple Rain, the Storm's Thunder, and for letting me use other of his mods to make The Rone-Magnum and the Shilo-Magnum -
MSZ929, for letting me use the MSZ Cathedral 2018Xmas-
Ashes2Asherz, for his original ideas and help with many followers over the course of this journey-
SarcasticShark, for letting me use the Resplendent Armor - get it here
Mr Dave for the eye normal map fix! Get it here: -
RavenDier, for letting me use his fantastic Elven Chainmail Armor to create the Maiden's Armor-
BoneTounge, For help with design, lighting, script, armor, follower creation and many other things-
Pandorable, for helping me re imagine the maidens and Bloodstone, with amazing designs and beautiful. 
WilliamSea - Scripts and Inspiration.
Darkfox127 - Resources, Scripts and Online Tutorials.
Artisanix - Painting resources.InsanitySorrow - Clutter resources.
TES Alliance - Modders Resources and Tutorials.
Berticus0001 - For Sale - Sold Tutorial and resources.
Kalilies - KS Hairs.
Blary - Open Books.
Lolikyonyu - Lolicept Resources.
Oaristys - Modders Ewaources.