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Modifies Falskaar NPC templates & leveled lists to be more consistent with YASH overhaul.

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When I played Falskaar with YASH installed, the bandits and necromancers seemed to be health sponges and over-powered.  I made this mod for myself in order to make the generic NPCs use a scaling method similar to how YASH works.  I found it to play consistently with a YASHed Skyrim.

Detailed changes:
1. All bandit and necromancer templates are updated with health, magicka and stamina offsets to zero, and the YASH UAP Perk is added.
2. All NPC leveled list records are updated to level 1, and additional records are added so that there is a higher chance of encountering a lower level NPC than a higher level NPC.  I didn't add 100 records to every list like YASH does, but I think it is reasonably consistent.