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Adds College of Winterhold statues to allow travel between the Myrwatch Gallery and the Arch Mage's Quarters in the College of Winterhold. Adds a strongbox with the Key to Myrwatch on the first floor of Myrwatch. Activating the statues requires the keys to their respective destinations.

Permissions and credits
  • Fixes an issue when exiting Myrwatch where the player occasionally spawned clipped through the stairs leading to the front door

  • Magic portals removed and replaced with statues from the College of Winterhold
  • Only removes 1 display case from the Myrwatch Gallery
  • Only removes 1 bench from the Arch Mage's Quarters
  • A new strongbox with the Key to Myrwatch in it has been added to Myrwatch's first floor
  • Activating the statue in the Arch Mage's Quarters now requires the Key to Myrwatch
  • Activating the statue in Myrwatch's Gallery still requires the Arch Mage's Quarters Key
  • Mod was rebuilt from scratch - make sure to completely empty Myrwatch prior to updating just to be safe

Adds a Myrwatch Strongbox with the Key to Myrwatch on the first floor of Myrwatch. Removes a display case to add a statue from the College of Winterhold to Myrwatch's Gallery. Removes a bench to add another statue to the Arch Mage's Quarters in the College of Winterhold. The statues are connected like doors. To activate the statue in the Arch Mage's Quarters you need the Key to Myrwatch. To activate the statue in the Myrwatch Gallery you need the Arch Mage's Quarters Key.

I love Myrwatch. It's one of my favorite houses - not just in Skyrim or the Creation Club, but even out of the amazing houses here on the Nexus. It's perfect for a mage playthrough but it does feel a bit... cramped sometimes. Not to mention isolated. So why not connect it with a location you get access to in the vanilla game to make it feel a bit more magical and expansive? The Arch Mage's Quarters seemed like a perfect fit! Now you can jump back and forth between the two as if they were directly connected provided you have the keys.

Please read the full description below before installing as this mod will cause issues if you've already stored anything inside of Myrwatch.

tl;dr: I had to create duplicate interior cells for both floors of Myrwatch in order to make any changes. Either start a new game, or remove all items stored in Myrwatch prior to activating or updating this mod because Myrwatch will basically be reset.


Issue: Myrwatch has two interior cells - Main and Gallery (essentially the first and second floor). When I altered anything in either of these cells (even the most minor change, verified with xEdit) the cells would break and large parts of them would cease to exist (especially the walls and floors). This was tested extensively and I have not found a proper solution, so I came up with an improper solution...

Solution: Creating a duplicate of the cells allows them to work just fine. I'm not sure why, but I was able to make all intended changes without any problems as long as I was working on duplicate cells. This involved making the following significant changes:

  1. The exterior door to Myrwatch now leads to the Duplicate Main Interior and vice versa
  2. The Duplicate Main Interior's magic portal now goes to the Duplicate Gallery Interior and vice versa
Thanks to wSkeever in the comments of this mod for shedding some light on this issue! It seems the issue is occurs because the Myrwatch Creation is an esl-flagged plugin and other plugins trying to edit it later in the load order cause it to break. If anyone with modding experience can tell me how to get around this easily, I will be more than happy to fix this mod so that it won't alter Myrwatch so significantly, but until then this was the best fix I could find and it seems to be working okay during testing.

Incompatible with other mods that edit the interior cells of Myrwatch. My mod bypasses these cells so any changes would not be reflected. May be incompatible with other mods that edit the Arch Mage's Quarters in the College of Winterhold.

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