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Fixes for terrain gaps in the Cloud District

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Ever since I discovered Fortified Whiterun its been a permanent part of my load order. I can't imagine playing without it. Because a few people seem to like my little patches, I decided to share this one too.

What these patch do:

Cloud District Terrain Fix: In Whiterun's Cloud District, to the east of Dragons Reach, there is a small seam/tear in the terrain. Depending upon the time of day, and your direction of travel, you probably won't see it. But, if you go to the Cloud District often, and the seam bothers you - this patch closes the seam. No NavMesh edits were required.

Steps to the Cloud District Fix: If you use The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch there is a small conflict with Fortified Whiterun. At the top of the first flight of steps to the Cloud District, the walkway is slightly askew causing a gap. This patch closes the gap. No other edits were required.

If SkyFall515 finds the time to fix any of these for Fortified Whiterun, I will remove these files from the Nexus.

I used SSEEdit to flag the .esp files as .esl


Simply download and install through your mod manager.

Appreciation and thanks to Arthmoor and  SkyFall515 for creating the mods that we all enjoy.