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Claim a Horse does exactly what it says on the tin and allows the player to claim unowned horses around Skyrim. These can be horses that you find on the road or being used by bandit camps you wipe out. This is great for those looking to claim a horse rather than pay for one and adds nicely to role-playing and immersion.

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Claim a Horse allows the player to claim any horse (in theory) in Skyrim that doesn't have an owner. This could be a horse at a bandit camp you've cleared, a horse out on the road whose owner has just died or a wild horse roaming Whiterun's plains. This prevents the need for early characters to have to purchase a horse from the stable and introduces some fantastic role-playing and immersion opportunities.


How it Works

You need to locate, purchase or craft a Horse Rope. When added to your inventory, it gives you a one-time power to claim the horse you are looking at. This will only work by default with unowned horses, however, you can use the below command to enable the claiming of owned horses.

set cahglobalsteal to 1


So far, the only issue I have come across is with Automatic Varients. It's a biggy but the mod does still work with AV, it just means your horse may change colour after claiming it. The reason is because of the way that automatic varients introduces new textures for horses dynamically. In order for this mod to allow the claiming of levelled horses in the world, a new horse is created from a non-respawn base actor that has the properties of the horse you found copied to it, providing the illusion of you claiming the original horse. AV conflicts with this process. So if you don't mind finding a white horse that suddenly turns brown when you claim it, the mod will still perform its core function.

This has been tried with Convenient Horses and works fine as this mod simply fills the reference alias of the Stables quest for your owned horse. Issues may arise if you own multiple horses with any addon mods for CH.


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A huge thanks to Kelretu for his amazing modders resource pack which I continue to use in my mods. I used his rope mesh in this particular mod.

Many thanks to my partner simsim899 for her assistance with some elements of the script.