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XP32's original Victoria's High Heel Walk converted to SE.

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Victoria's High Heel Walk by XP32

I also have mods on LL and Patreon.

This is another one of my mods that was purged when I asked my mods to be pulled due to new rules.  However, this one is just a conversion of someone else's mod.  So, I'm re-uploading it.

All credit goes to XP32, one of Oldrim's original modding legends.  This is his Victoria's High Heel Walk, the less exaggerated arm swing version.  It has always been my favorite female walk by far, so when I saw XP32 recently made a rare appearance on the Nexus and changed permissions so others could convert some of his mods, I figured I might as well upload it.  After all, I converted these animations the day SE was released, because the game just isn't the same without this walk.

What does the mod do?  It causes Skyrim females to walk with a very natural and feminine hip swing.

Again, all credit goes to XP32.  This is merely a conversion of his animation files.
If you want to donate, go donate on XP32's original mod page, please.
NOTE:  XP32's permissions for this mod are set to "feel free."  If you want to convert and distribute one of his other mods, you must first check XP32's original mod page for permissions.  I'm not sure they are all the same.  NOTE2:  XP32 does not want his mods uploaded to sites other than the Nexus.