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Just a personal edit of Elisif I'd like to share.

Permissions and credits
1.01 Cleaned unnecessary master files and turned into ESL file (Thanks again Repzik!)
1.02 Removed a texture I accidently packed in...

1. Her weight is set to 100 instead of the vanilla 50, if there's neck gap, do the following steps:

1) Open command console,
2) Click on Elisif,
3) Type "setnpcweight 100"
4) Type "disable", and then "enable"

2. I used High Poly Head 1.4 to create her, so you'll need it and its dependency  Expressive Facegen Morphs and Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition-. (Thanks Repzik for pointing out!)
3. There is no skin texture in the file, so she will be using whatever female skin mod you have installed. I created her using Bijin Skin, she will look best with it.

Credits: Please endorse their mods when you get a chance!
expired6978 - Racemenu
Niroku - Expressive Facegen Morphs & Expressive Facial Animation
Shiva182 & rxkx22 - Bijin Skin
Kouleifou - High Poly Head
Kalilies  - KS HairdosKalilies Brows
ShinglesCat - SC - KS Hairdos Retextured
guidethisonekalaheria - Kala's Eyes
zhoulia - llygaid Eye Improver

Also thanks Kalilies for her great tutorial!