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TL:DR; Ordinator perks will now automatically grant the player and NPCs the use of appropriate spells from either vanilla, Odin or Apocalypse.

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Ordinator perks will now automatically grant the player and NPCs the use of appropriate spells from either vanilla, Odin or Apocalypse.

I like the Requiem feature that allows you to automatically gain spells whenever you take an appropriate perk. It really helps speed up the process of developing magical skills, especially with hardcore mods where access to spellbooks is more expensive and/or difficult. I wanted the same thing with my EnaiRim modlist, but there wan't any other mods that could do this for me, so I made my own and uploaded it here.

I lack the scripting ability to allow for the player to choose a spell from a menu like Requiem does. Instead I manually assigned almost all vanilla, Odin and Apocalypse spells to a relevant Ordinator perk.

The mod works by modifying most Ordinator perks to add an ability that allows constant access to the related spell. I also modified the text description of each perk to tell you what spells are unlocked by each perk.

This means that if you use another mod to assign perks to NPCs then they will also get the associated spells that are given by my mod.

I didn't assign Master level spells to Ordinator perks because they are supposed to be quest-locked behind the College quests. It would also be extremely over-powered.

The plugins are all flagged as .esl and it should be safe to add/remove them from a savegame. However, if you remove the mod then it seems that the spells will not be removed from your spellbook, and presumably NPCs will still keep the spells.

Don't expect this to be particularly well-balanced. Ordinator perks weren't designed for such tight integration with other EnaiRim spells. You may sometimes receive spells 10 or 15 skill levels before or after you pass the skill threshold for buying the associated spellbook. For example, you get access to the Frost Atronach spell at level 40 with the Atromancy perk, but Frost Atronach is supposed to be not buyable until the player reaches skill level of 50.

I could improve balancing by changing the skill level requirements of Ordinator perks, but I suspect that most users would dislike this. I recommend that you use the Fizzle mod to make spells harder to successfully use if you don't have the minimum skill level.

The Destruction and Conjuration schools are the best integrated with the spells because the spells are logically matched to the gameplay mechanics or titles of the associated perks. Restoration and Illusion schools are somewhat well-integrated. The Alteration school is not well-integrated because the spells don't match well with the mechanics or themes of many of the available perks. I did my best with the spells/perks combos that were available. Restoration/Illusion and Alteration have some perks that have no associated spells. Conjuration and Destruction have the highest proportion of perks that have associated spells.

Some sections of the perk trees will have little or no spells because there weren't enough available spells that matched the perks.

I have also added and optional file to make the player start with no spells. There is version of the patch for those who use AI Overhaul SSE-

There are also optional patches to integrate the summon spells from the mods Bound Daedric Armor and Simple Bound Weapon Expansion-

I recommend that you load this mod as soon as possible after Ordinator, Apocalypse and Odin. If another mod conflicts with this one, then it's safer to let the other mod wion the conflict by loading later than this one.

I avoided making edits to perks that were used by other mods in my modlist. This should be compatible with CACO-Ordinatored and Balance Adjustments for Apocalypse.

Here's the list of all modified Ordinator perks, and their assigned spells.

Perk Skill Level Requirement - Perk (Perk tier) - Spell (Spell source)

0 - Alteration Mastery (1) - Oakflesh (Vanilla), Candlelight (Vanilla), Alarm (Apocalypse), Longstride (Apocalypse)
20 - Alteration Mastery (2) - Magelight (Vanilla), Reynos' Fins (Apocalypse) Ease Burden (Odin), Prepare for Adventure (Apocalypse)
20 - Mage Armor (1) - Stoneflesh (Vanilla)
30 - Philosopher's Stone - Gonar's Greed (Odin), Latch Crack (Odin)
30 - Wild Shrines - Haste Mount (Odin), Wither (Apocalypse)
30 - Geomancer - Raise Wall (Apocalypse), Perilous Path (Apocalypse), Drop Zone (Apocalypse)
40 - Alter Self: Resistances - Alter Body (Odin), Slowfall (Odin)
40 - Spellblade - Strength of Earth (Apocalypse), Orc Strength (Odin), Corrosion (Odin), Web (Apocalypse)
50 - Mage Armor (2) - Ironflesh (Vanilla)
50 - Energy Shield - Tharn's Prison (Apocalypse)
50 - Intuitive Magic (1) - Detect Life (Vanilla), Telekinesis (Vanilla), Locate Object (Apocalypse)
60 - Welloc's Dormant Arcana - Spell Twine (Apocalypse)
60 - Alter Self: Attributes - Resist Elements (Odin), Waterbreathing (Odin), Vulnerability (Odin), Thundering Hooves (Apocalypse)
80 - Mage Armor (3) - Ebonyflesh (Vanilla)
80 - Aurification - Detonate Lock (Apocalypse), Ekash's Locksplitter (Odin), Tumble Magnet (Apocalypse)
80 - Dimension Door - Deep Storage (Apocalypse)
80 - Throne of Nirn - Entomb (Apocalypse), Undermine (Apocalypse), Barricade (Odin)
80 - Intuitive Magic (2) - Paralyze (Vanilla), Detect Dead (Vanilla), Knowledge is Power (Apocalypse)
90 - Nullifier - Leaguestep (Odin)
100 - Arcane Thesis - Fabricate Object (Apocalypse)


0 - Conjuration Mastery (1) - Bound Dagger (Vanilla), Conjure Familiar (Vanilla), Bound Sword (Vanilla), Reanimate Lesser Corpse (Vanilla, formerly known as Raise Zombie, renamed by Odin)
20 - Conjuration Mastery (2) - Conjure Cat Totem (Apocalypse), Entropic Life (Odin), Power of the Master (Apocalypse)
20 - Mystic Binding - Soul Trap (Vanilla)
30 - Planemeld - Conjure Flame Atronach (Vanilla)
30 - Ravenous Dead - Reanimate Corpse (Vanilla), Conjure Deadeye Captain (Apocalypse)
30 - Soul Raider - Bound Battleaxe (Vanilla), Conjure Dremora Churl (Apocalypse)
40 - Atromancy - Conjure Frost Atronach (Vanilla)
40 - Signed in Blood - Conjure Clannfear (Odin)
40 - Rend From This World - Soul Cloak (Apocalypse)
40 - Preservation - Entropic Armor (Odin)
40 - Reap and Sow (1) - Conjure Feline Familiar (Apocalypse)
40 - Barrow Lord - Conjure Feline Familiar (Apocalypse)
50 - Void Burn - Bound Bow (Vanilla), Conjure Dremora Pit Fighter (Apocalypse), Daedric Crescent (Apocalypse)
50 - Edge of Oblivion - Entropic Armor (Odin), Banish Daedra (Vanilla), Sumoning Rune (Apocalypse)
50 - Undead Crown - Reanimate Greater Corpse (Vanilla, formerly known as Revenant, renamed by Odin), Conjure Gloom Wraith (Odin)
50 - Pact Magic - Conjure Daedroth (Odin)
50 - Skeleton Mages (1) - Conjure Lich (Apocalypse), Conjure Gloom Wraith (Odin)
60 - Maelstrom - Banish Daedra (Vanilla)
60 - A Plague Upon Thee - Reanimate Greater Corpse (Vanilla, formerly known as Revenant, renamed by Odin)
60 - Hollow Binding - Soul Harvest (Odin), Conjure Xivilai Sorcerer (Apocalypse)
70 - Elemental Potency - Conjure Storm Atronach (Vanilla)
70 - Corpse Gas - Corpse Explosion (Apocalypse)
70 - Dark Whispers - Conjure Xivilai Lord (Apocalypse), Conjure Dremora Lord (Vanilla),
80 - Necromaster - Dread Zombie (Vanilla)
80 - Unleash Hell - Command Daedra (Vanilla), Conjure Houndmaster (Odin), Conjure Ursine Familiar (Odin)
80 - Brand of the Necromancer - Conjure Dremora Champion (Apocalypse), Conjure Dremora Honor Guard (Apocalypse), Conjure Dremora Mentor (Apocalypse)
90 - Summon Resist - Expel Daedra (Vanilla), Conjure Herne (Apocalypse)
90 - Covenant of Coldharbour - Conjure Dremora Lord (Vanilla), Conjure Dremora Champion (Apocalypse), Conjure Dremora Honor Guard (Apocalypse), Conjure Dremora Mentor (Apocalypse), Conjure Xivilai Lord (Apocalypse
90 - Puppet Master - Conjure Oathbound Guardian (Apocalypse)
100 - King of Bones - Conjure Dread Shade (Apocalypse)
100 - March of Oblivion - Entropic Power (Odin)


0 - Destruction Mastery (1) - Flames (Vanilla), Frostbite (Vanilla), Sparks (Vanilla)
20 - Destruction Mastery (2) - Crackle (Apocalypse), Hailstone (Apocalypse), Unbound Fire (Apocalypse)
20 - Combustion (1) - Firebolt (Vanilla), Taldam's Scorcher (Odin)
50 - Combustion (2) - Fireball (Vanilla), Bolide (Apocalypse)
20 - Ionized Path (1) - Lightning Grasp (Odin), Lightning Bolt (Vanilla)
50 - Ionized Path (2) - Chain Lightning (Vanilla), Electrosphere (Apocalypse)
20 - Merciless Cold (1) - Arctic Blast (Odin), Ice Spike (Vanilla)
50 - Merciless Cold (2) - Ice Storm (Vanilla), Frost Nova (Apocalypse)
30 - Frostfall - Fracture (Apocalypse), Frost Rune (Vanilla)
30 - Scarring Burns - Inferno (Apocalypse), Fire Rune (Vanilla)
30 - Static Field - Thundercrack (Apocalypse), Lightning Rune (Vanilla)
40 - Runecaster - Fire Rune (Vanilla), Frost Rune (Vanilla), Lightning Rune (Vanilla)
40 - Arc Burn - Stormhand (Odin), Creeping Cold (Apocalypse)
40 - Conflagration - Firehand (Odin), Dragon's Teeth (Apocalypse)
40 - Crystalize - Frosthand (Odin), Rift Bolt (Apocalypse)
50 - Flash Fire - Flame Darts (Odin), Incendiary Flow (Apocalypse)
50 - Magnetize - Charged Storm (Odin), Scattershock (Apocalypse)
50 - Shatter - Ice Shards (Odin), Ice Shiv (Apocalypse)
60 - Iced Earth - Frost Cloak (Vanilla), Freezing Strikes (Odin)
60 - Nova Charge - Lightning Cloak (Vanilla), Shocking Strikes (Odin)
60 - Pyromancer Ascension - Flame Cloak (Vanilla), Blazing Strikes (Odin)
70 - War of the Elements - Blazing Strikes (Odin), Shocking Strikes (Odin), Freezing Strikes (Odin)
70 - Electroconvulsions - Wall of Storms (Vanilla), Thunderbolt (Vanilla)
70 - Hypothermia - Wall of Frost (Vanilla), Icy Spear (Vanilla)
70 - Scorched Earth - Wall of Flames (Vanilla), Incinerate (Vanilla)
80 - Exhaust - Artic Frost (Odin), Shattering Crystal (Apocalypse)
80 - Show Them All - Thundering Grasp (Odin), Lightning Strike (Apocalypse)
80 - World in Flames - Wildfire (Odin), Bombardment (Apocalypse)
90 - Outburst - Firebloom (Odin), Scorching Hands (Apocalypse)
90 - Stormblast - Shockbloom (Odin), Shock Nova (Apocalypse)
90 - Winter's Majesty - Frostbloom  (Odin), Sleet Storm (Apocalypse)


0 - Illusion Mastery (1) - Fury (Vanilla), Courage (Vanilla), Crying Eye (Odin), Clairvoyance (Vanilla)
20 - Illusion Mastery (2) - Muffle (Vanilla), Dispel Magic (Apocalypse), Ghostwalk (Apocalypse), Pale Shadow (Apocalypse)
20 - Dream Thief - Mind Vision (Apocalypse), Thoughtsteal (Apocalypse)
30 - Entice Barter - Calm (Vanilla), Illusory Flames (Apocalypse), Simulacrum (Odin)
30 - Imposing Presence - Fear (Vanilla), Backlash (Apocalypse), Expose Weakness (Odin)
30 - Commanding Presence - Command (Odin), Shared Trauma (Apocalypse)
40 - Crown of the False King - Captivate (Odin)
40 - Wilting - Hush (Odin), Curse of the Silent (Apocalypse)
40 - Silent Storm (1) - Muffle (Vanilla)
50 - Fickle Fate - Evil Twin (Apocalypse), Figment of Pain (Apocalypse)
50 - Nemesis - Greater Simulacrum (Odin), Illusory Pyre (Apocalypse), Blood for Blood (Apocalypse)
50 - Terror - Discordant Wail (Odin), Mute (Odin)
60 - Imperious Splendor - Rally (Vanilla), Compelling Whispers (Apocalypse)
60 - Master of the Mind - Empathic Agony (Apocalypse), Mimic's Cloak (Apocalypse)
60 - Pandemonium - Frenzy (Vanilla)
70 - Dream Charm - Shadow Legion (Odin)
70 - Neverworld - Pacify (Vanilla)
70 - Shadow Refuge - Invisibility (Vanilla), Expose Spirit (Odin), Shadowbond (Apocalypse), Cloak Other (Odin), Vanish (Apocalypse)
70 - The Reaper Comes - Purge Magic (Odin)
80 - Lamb to the Slaughter - Wizard Rend (Odin)
80 - Protect Your God - Dominate (Odin)
80 - Soulcrusher - Rout (Vanilla)
90 - Blind Guardian - Seidstone (Apocalypse)
90 - Dream Geas - Enslave the Weak (Apocalypse)
90 - Heavy Weighs the Tapestry - Mind Control (Apocalypse)
90 - Nightfall - Dirge (Odin)


0 - Restoration Mastery (1) - Healing (Vanilla), Lesser Ward (Vanilla), Wild Healing (Apocalypse)
20 - Restoration Mastery (2) - Fast Healing (Vanilla), Spider Touch (Odin), Bone Spirit (Apocalypse), Circle of Strength (Apocalypse)
20 - Descending Light - Shield of Daybreak (Odin), Mystic Wind (Apocalypse)
30 - Edgewalker - Healing Hands (Vanilla), Viperbolt (Odin), Slay Living (Apocalypse), Lamb of Mara (Apocalypse)
30 - Hallowed Burial (1) - Sun Fire (Vanilla), Turn Lesser Undead (Vanilla)
30 - Spirit Tutors - Troll's Blood (Odin), Welling Blood (Apocalypse), Leech Seed (Apocalypse)
30 - Vigilant - Steadfast Ward (Vanilla)
40 - Necromanticon - Black Hand (Odin), Poison Strikes (Odin), Necroplague (Apocalypse), Horrid Wilting (Apocalypse)
40 - Exorcist - Vampire's Bane (Odin), Turn Undead (Vanilla)
40 - Respite - Rilm's Cure (Odin), Heal Other (Vanilla
50 - Antimagic Field - Greater Ward (Vanilla), Circle of the Moons (Apocalypse)
50 - Overflowing Cup - Balyna's Balm (Vanilla, formerly known as Close Wounds, renamed by Odin), Heal Other (Vanilla
50 - Pilgrim - Hallowed Strikes (Odin), Tree Rings (Apocalypse)
50 - Warrior's Flame - Sealed Resolve (Apocalypse), Ruin (Apocalypse)
60 - Crusader's Fire - Sun Storm (Odin), Turn Greater Undead (Vanilla), Circle of Protection (Vanilla)
60 - Forbidden Sanctuary - Greater Ward (Vanilla), Shield of Sanctuary (Odin)
70 - Chalice of Tears - Accelerated Decay (Odin)
70 - Plague Doctor - Toxic Cloud (Odin)
70 - Under my Wings - Grand Healing (Vanilla), Resurgence (Apocalypse)
70 - Wheel of Life - Energy Leech (Odin), Strength Leech (Odin), Decompose (Apocalypse), Nature's Balance (Apocalypse)
80 - Battle Cleric - Blood Boil (Apocalypse), Finger of Death (Apocalypse)
80 - Sacred Guardian - Channel Energies (Apocalypse)
90 - Enduring Ideal - Healing Blossom (Apocalypse)