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Pantero wishes to join Dovakiin in his battles against evil and corruption. Available in ESL as well!

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Pantero is a Khascat warrior home from Greenweyr, which is the neighboring province to elsweyr. Greenweyr province contains of green jungles and vegetation, while elsweyr contains of deserts and rocky mountains. Because the jungle are rich in animals and pray, the khascats are there for slightly taller in size than the Kajiit. Khascats are also known to bee faster on their feet than the younger feline beast race, the Kajiit. Khascats are an ancient Kajiit race, and there for they call themselves Kajiit. Many Kajiit's consider the Khascats to their ancestors. Why the Khascats are taller than the Kajiit is becuse the jungle provides richly with food to the Khascats, they never had to starve or suffer from hunger and there for never needed to become theves. Khascats are known fierce warriors and Pantero is no exception.  Pantero left Greenweyr to go to Tamriel, his 6th sence told him to meet up with Dovakiin there. 

  • Name: Pantero
  • Eyes: Green
  • Race: Khascat
  • Clothes: Scaled  Armor
  • Weapons: Scimitar
  • Spells: Healing 
  • Location: Ivarstead, Vilemyr Inn
  • Essential: YES
  • Marriageable: Naturally