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This script allows you to re-tailor the player character and followers armor and clothes.
This script automatically makes the patch which registers unique meshes of armor and clothes for the player character and followers.

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Unique Armor and Clothes for PC and Followers

Hey guys. You enjoyed modification of body shapes of your characters?

Some of you may want to introduce an independent body shape for each character.
Some people feel uncomfortable with Player Character(PC), followers, and NPCs wearing the same body shape, even if they have the unique body mesh.
If you fix the problem, you have to make the patch and to change the path of each armor, each clothes and each character ... manually.

You may say, "I have no time to do too many, too tiny things!"

My script is perfect for you. 
It automatically makes the patch file which adds new armor and clothes with unique meshes for the player character and followers.
With this script, you will be able to re-tailor PC and followers almost all armor and clothes.

I thinks you can use this script for almost all MODs with small fix.

If you have any question about this script, please feel free to ask me.

This is my first time to upload MOD.
Please go easy on me, haha.

There is OBody, a GREAT MOD for modification of body shapes.
It's easier to use than this script.
Please consider using that MOD!

= How to install =============================================================

  1. After downloading the script, unzip.
  2. Move unzipped file (.pas) to "Edit Scripts" directory in SSEEdit directory.

= How to make the patch file ==================================================

0. BACKUP YOUR SAVE DATA and YOUR VALUABLE MESH FILES! If you lost them, I can't do anything.

1. Making Shapefiles
1.1. If you use mod managers, activate MODs you use.
1.2. On BodySlide, make a bodyshape you want to register, and click "Batch Build...".
(If you needs Morphs, don't forget to check the box "Build Morphs".)
1.3. Make a directory below Meshes/actors/character with character's name.
1.4. Copy whole folders below "Meshes" directory of MODs for armor and clothes into the directory you made above.
If you use mod managers, sometimes "overwrite" directory has "Meshes" directory. Don't forget to copy them.

(If you needs Morphs, copy them to same directory.)

2. Run this MOD
2.1. Launch SSEEdit. Click "OK". After loading all MODs, right click on any MODs and click "Apply Script" on the right click menu.
2.2. Click at "Script", and select "Unique Armor and Clothes" on the menu. After selecting, click "OK".
2.3. Input your character's name and select character's sex. Click "OK".
2.4. It starts automatically making the patch. It take a long time from about 30 minutes to about 2 hours. Please wait for done.
2.5. Check whether it makes unique armor or not. Please click + button next to "Unique Armors and Clothes.esp" and click + button next to "Armor Addon".
When this mod works well, there are some records like IMAGE "Successful Example".
2.6. Save "Unique Armors and Clothes.esp".

3. On BodySlide, return bodyshape to normal.

4. If you use mod managers, activate "Unique Armor and Clothes.esp".


If you want to register meshes for multiple characters, please repeat from 1.2 to 2.5.

If you want to remake the patch file, please remove "Unique Armor and Clothes.esp".
Caution: Before you remove it, please remake all unique armor into vanilla one. If you DON'T, you LOSE your unique armor and clothes in your inventory.

= How to get unique armor and clothes ==========================================

  1. Make a pattern for the character at Tanning Racks. A pattern needs 1 Roll of Paper. You have to borrow it from someone's house. You can get a pattern "Pattern for CharacterName".
  2. Make an armor for the character at Forges. It needs an vanilla armor (e.g. Iron Armor). You can get an unique armor "Iron Armor for CharacterName".

You can also make vanilla armor from unique armor at Forges. (from ver1.0.5)
The patch file made by older script (< 1.0.5) can't return. Sorry.

If you registered meshes for multiple characters, you have to make patterns for
EACH character.

= Q&A ====================================================================

Q1. Can this script make mesh files (.nif)?
A1. No. It only makes the PATCH file (.esp) which registers unique meshes. 

Q2. I haven't make the MOD file (.esp) but I have only a mesh file. Can I use this script to make the patch?
A2. No. This script reads information of Armor Addon(ARMA), Armor(ARMO) and Constructible Objects(COBJ) from MOD files.
So you have to make the MOD file for your mesh file or to use someone else's MODs.

Q3. Can I dress a follower in player character's unique armor?
A3. Yes. However, the follower's shape will be player character's one. I don't recommend to do so.

Q4. I can't temper unique armor made by this script...
A4. If you want to temper armor with enchanting, please check your character has Smithing Perk "Arcane Blacksmith".
If he or she has it, it seems that the filter for "Temper" doesn't work well.
On SSEEdit, please check EditorID of Constructible Object of your MOD of armor which you want to add. 
The initials of EditorID of the record for tempering armor are "TemperArmor" or "IAT" (for Immersive Armor)?
If not, you have to fix your MOD or the script.
If you fix your MOD, please overwrite the initials of EditorID to "TemperArmor....". 
If you fix the script, please overwrite as following:

Line.202 in the script: BEFORE fixing

if (Copy(EditorID(rcOrigin), 1, 11) = 'TemperArmor') or (Copy(EditorID(rcOrigin), 1, 3) = 'IAT') then begin

AFTER fixing. (If your mod has the initials of EditorID 'ExamTemper...')

if (Copy(EditorID(rcOrigin), 1, 11) = 'TemperArmor') or (Copy(EditorID(rcOrigin), 1, 3) = 'IAT') or (Copy(EditorID(rcOrigin), 1, 10) = 'ExamTemper') then begin

It is the same for recipes (Line.206).

= Finally ==================================================================

If you got some bugs, please let me know. Thanks for reading my poor English.

= Release Notes ============================================================
2022/01/11 1.0.6: Remove the recipe of the pattern, if you have.
   Add unique armor and clothes from enchanted armor and clothes, included in Skyrim.esm, with enchanted.

2021/12/26 1.0.5: Add a function to make unique armor into vanilla one
2021/10/10 1.0.4 : Remove edit box of the path from Main Window
2021/07/21 1.0.2 : Release