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Kozakowy and Spongeman131

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CBBE 3BA (+ regular) conversion of Kozakowy's Falka armor.

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  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • French
Requires Kozakowy's original mod here.

A conversion made from scratch with great care, the shape of the armor has been preserved with curvatures in the breastplate to deflect blows, just like the original. No sunken area between the breasts, no texture deformations, no squeezed middle section at larger sizes. Cover your lady with elegant and protective style.

3BA physics are absent for the breasts (it's a metal plate). Regular CBBE is included as well with no physics. The .esp replacer is absolutely required as it enables weight sliders for the armor, it is also ESL flagged.

The following changes/fixes have been made to the meshes:
  • Removed anomalous triangle above and between the boots
  • Not sure what it's for. Leftover or accident?
  • Made TextureSets shared for shapes with identical texture mapping
  • Reduces mesh size and makes it faster to change texture paths
  • Removed DoubleSided flag from skirt lining
  • Unnoticeable in almost all camera positions and eliminates clipping in the skirt for the majority of leg positions

This mod does not and will not attempt to fix any bugs related to the plugin. Please report any non-bodyslide-related issues to the main mod.

And a huge thanks to ThatFanSon, Banderger and Saphira for their excellent screenshots.

Q: LE?
A: No.

Q: Other body types?
A: No, sorry.

Q: HDT Skirt?
A: I don't know how, but please don't bother Kozakowy with it either.

Q: Face/character presets?
A: Not mine. If the users who made the screenshots haven't already released them, they're probably never going to. As much as I wish they would since they're very nice presets, that's just how it is.

Q: Can you make it standalone?
A: Not unless Kozakowy grants permissions. If she wants this merged into the main mod I'll delete this page.

Q: Really bad deformation and/or clipping
A: Upload a screenshot of the problem and I'll see what I can do.