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Overhauls most of Skyrim's forgotten unique artifacts, giving them unique and fitting effects!

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Forgotten Artifacts Empowered is a small mod with a huge impact. The powerful new enchantments on Skyrim's forgotten but unique artifacts will give you plenty of reason to go out and search for them all!

What artifacts are changed?

Most unique, named items, including weapons, and jewelry that are not overhauled by Reliquary of Myth. Some unique items (Blackguard set, Thieves Guild set, etc) are not touched.

What does each of the new artifacts actually do?

This spoiler contains spoilers for all the artifacts changed by this mod. If you prefer to go in blind, do not expand the spoiler.

Are you using No Enchanting Restrictions SKSE Remake? If so - all the enchantments you get will work. Okin and Eduj will still say "... while wielded with Okin/Eduj", but will work normally as long as you have the other enchantment. Even if it is on the same weapon. Even if you are not dual-wielding (why oh why can't I register for dual wield attacks?).

How compatible is this mod? Where should I load it?

The short answer on compatibility: As compatible as I can make it. Long answer: This will conflict with every mod that edits the same weapons/jewelry. This includes mods you may not expect, such as Audio Overhaul Skyrim, Immersive Sounds Compendium, Legacy of the Dragonborn, and Unique Uniques. I tried my best to find mods that will conflict and address these conflicts appropriately - I forwarded the latest USSEP and WACCF changes, I made a different version for each Legacy of the Dragonborn, Unique Uniques, and Vanilla to reduce the need for patches, and have provided conflict resolution patches for Immersive Sounds Compendium and Audio Overhaul Skyrim. Furthermore, to ensure consistency, I've created a consistency patch for Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim that allows you to create blood potions with the Court's Chef perk using the new flesh and heart ingredients. A similar patch for Ordinator is also planned for later™.

As for load order - load this mod after WACCF, if you are using it. It is compatible out of the box. Load the compatibility patches LOW in your load order - since they will likely conflict with other patches. If you are not confident in checking with xEdit (a small article on how to check here), just load them after all your mods. Really, you'll be fine. 

Are there any plans for the future with this mod?

An automated Papyrus patcher to take care of minor incompatibilities and inconsistencies, such as mods that add new arrows or shouts. I'd like to also overhaul some armor pieces, like Morvarth's Boots (originally, the mod would cloak you in shadows while sneaking next to a wall) and Ygnol's Helm (the mod would allow you to craft unique runed weapons) but I frankly want to be done with this so that I can move on to making a Lich Custom Skill Tree mod. 


A huge thank you to the xEdit team for their tool, without which this mod would have been impossible.
The Arcane University Discord Server, for help with scripting, asset creation, and implementation tips.
Simonmagus616, DeltaRider, and the Simonrim Discord Server, for feedback on early versions.
Icecreamassassin's Mods Discord Server, for feedback on early item effects.
Titansbane for reminding me that there were multiple versions of the ghostblade.