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Inspired by the MMO "Metin2", the Red Iron Blade is an oversized 2-handed greatsword that bears a powerful innate enchantment that enhances all physical damages.... at a cost.

Permissions and credits
INTRO - Inspired by the MMO "Metin2", the Red Iron Blade is an oversized 2-handed Greatsword that bears a powerful innate enchantment that enhances all physical damages with the side effect of diminishing the effectiveness of the holder's spells, abilities and other passive bonuses. You can preview the model on the sword’s Sketchfab page.

CREDITS – Before talking about the mod, I would like to thank Czarpos (here are links to his TwitterArtstation and Sketchfab pages) for granting me permission to work (and help me along several steps of the way) on his fantastic recreation of this beautiful sword from an MMO that I probably spent too much time playing too many years ago. When I saw his models on Sketchfab I knew I absolutely had to bring this models with me on my Skyrim journeys.


DESCRIPTION - Inspired by the MMO "Metin2", the Red Iron Blade is an oversized 2-handed Greatsword that bears a powerful innate enchantment, enhancing all physical damages with the side effect (originally) of diminishing the effectiveness of the holder's spells, abilities and other passive bonuses.  Due to how different the combat and magic systems are between Skyrim and Metin2, the downside of the weapon here is simply a growing weakness to all enemy spells that apply their effect through what the Creation Kit calls “magnitude”. Hopefully the big magical lizards that primarily attack with spells will make it a balanced tradeoff.

To recreate the weapon's style and character from the MMO, it has a tiered upgrade system, going from +0 to +9, of which only the +9 tier can be tempered. As its original counterpart, this is a weapon meant to grow with its user: each upgrade level corresponds in damage to a War Hammer of the vanilla game's materials, going from Iron at +0 to Dragonbone at +8, becoming its own tier at +9. The first five levels of the weapon only require the Steel Smithing perk, but to avoid making maxing it out too easy (and also to allow more skilled blacksmiths to temper it to Legendary level), from +5 to +9 the weapon becomes a Nord Hero weapon, requiring the Advanced Armors perk. Since behind the scenes the weapon isn’t actually enchanted, but applies its bonus through a copy of the Wuuthrad script, Tempering doesn’t check for the presence of the enchantment and the Arcane Blacksmith perk is required by default. This means that the weapon could be further enchanted, and I’ve chosen not to disallow this, but of course actually doing it is up to the individual’s taste.

The Enchantment, being limited by Skyrim's systems, grows with the weapon rather than being randomly applied at creation, and randomly changeable through a specific process. The +7, +8 and +9 tiers of the weapon have unique visual effects that are meant to recreate the colored sparks many weapons in the MMO give off at those quality levels. (The main screenshot page doesn't take animated gifs, so in the links below there are gifs of what they look like)

Red Iron Blade +7Red Iron Blade +8Red Iron Blade +9

Another peculiarity of the weapon kept from its original counterpart is that upgrading it costs money rather than materials. (Un)fortunately, failing an upgrade is not possible in Skyrim, so I hope the costs make up for the decreased risks, and the increased damage from the equivalent Greatswords will make up for the cost. Below you can find a handy spreadsheet of the crafting requirements for each level and equivalent weapon stats.

I am, admittedly, not an expert of balancing, and many mods have different balancing philosophies, so I'm open to suggestions for alternative esps, as long as they are reasonable. Of course, a balanced use of the mod is not required. With Additem Menu you can simply add the +9 variant directly to yourself and with a little thinkering in the CK or xEdit, you can make your big, strong Orc worthy of its size and wield one copy of the blade in each hand. If you want to make some personal changes and don’t know how, ask in the comments and I’ll try to guide you to the best of my abilities, but I will only personally make and distribute changes that I think either fit the weapon, or can be of interest to a wider audience than just one.

OF NOTE: I gave the weapon blood cubemaps, as they looked cool and seemed a fitting choice for a weapon called “Red Iron”. In the vanilla game these cubemaps have a very sublte effect. If you want the red refractions to be more pronounced, like in the pictures above, I recommend using ShinglesCat’s excellent SC-Cubemap.

Some numbers about the weapon:

Lastly: for those who only want the weapon for its looks and don't feel like putting up with the MMO stuff, there is also an Unenchanted version of the +9 tier that has no number in its name and is independently craftable, temperable and enchantable. It belongs to the Nord Hero weapon category.

Please, feel free to submit screenshots showcasing your character wielding the weapon! That would make me very happy.

PERMISSIONS - All Meshes and Textures for this mod were made by Czarpos, and he is the "President, CEO, and sole proprietor" of the power to grant permissions on the use of these files. What I can tell you is:
  • If you wish to add this weapon to a follower, I ask you that you make this mod a master file of your follower's esp, and not to bundle any assets with yours. If you need specific modifications let me know, and I will add a download specific to work with your mod.
  • If you wish to make improvements, additions or any kind of changes I would like you to send me a message first, and we can talk about it. If something productive comes out of our conversation I might add your personalized .esp file to the download section.
IN ANY CASE, if our interaction results in a published item, I will reward you with an appropriate amount of Donation Points taken directly from my share, at the next payout.

  • Czarpos (TwitterArtstation, Sketchfab) – for the models, textures, and help to identify and fix up some mistakes I made while importing the blade meshes. (note to self, never shade flat what was purposefully shaded smooth, even if it looks weird without textures).
  • The awesome people over at HIMBORD, for their patience in dealing with my crippling insecurity and beginner level questions. Also for introducing me to the secrets of the RGBA channels in textures, which I would have honestly never guessed by myself.