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New Bash Behaviors, Different Player power bash behaviors depending on weapon and More Telegraphed Bash behaviors for Enemies

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It Doesn't hurt to read the description.

Changes how most of the Bashing work, NPC bashing have been completely overhauled to be more telegraphed instead of being too fast to give room to dodge or parry without the use of scripts. 

Players also get different types of bashing depending on equipped item, not just a visual change but the movement and the speed of the bash now varies to give variety on the approach of certain weapons

The mod completely utilizes the Animation Motion Revolution for each animation to have their own motion data stored inside, this means 
DAR can be used to replace the bashing animations if you want better ones


The mod modifies the bash behaviors only so Most combat behavior mods would be compatible most notably, CGO, SkySA and my Attack Behavior Revamp Mod
Mods like Inpa Sekiro is recommended to make Bashing more frequent among NPCs


1. DAR
2. Nemesis
3. Animation Motion Revolution


1. Install the Requirements
2. Install this mod
3. Patch "BashBehaviorsOverhaul" in The Nemesis Patcher

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