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re-texture my previous mod
added 1h version

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a re-texture mod, added 1h version can be crafted at skyforge (bring the 2h version)

Dainsleif was among the most mighty weapons in Viking mythology. Although its reputation could hardly compare with the Tyrfing sword, its
power was no joke.

According to Snorri Sturluson (Icelandic author of Prose Edda), Dainsleif belonged to king Högni who was a legendary king in Viking mythology. The
Dainsleif sword was made by the dwarf Dain who was among the most famous and talented craftsmen in the cosmos. The word "Dainsleif" meant "Dain's legacy".Legend had it that once this Dainsleif was drawn out of its sheath, someone must die  to quench the blood thirst of the sword. Every
time it revealed its blade out, the holder must wield it to behead  someone. And like the Gungnir spear, the magical sword Dainsleif never  missed its target.The sword was famously mentioned in Prose Edda. It told the  story of King Hogni, his beautiful daughter, Hild, and the eternal  battle of the kings.

In the story, Hogni came to meet other kings and he brought his daughter to this meeting too. Unfortunately, his beautiful daughter was seized by Hedin Hjarrandason, another king who also appeared in the  meeting.  Hedin had brought Hild with him travelling far away when Hogni learnt what  had happened. The king father quickly called up his warriors to rescue his beloved daughter.  First, his men informed that Hedin went to the north. As King Hogni came  north, he got no sight of his daughter and was informed that  Hedin went west with a beautiful woman.  Then King Hogni turned his ship to the west in pursuit of his daughter. 

The King finally met his daughter on an island, yet Hild expressed her wish wanting his father to make peace with Hedin who  captured her. Yet, King Hogni refused the proposal. He strongly stated  that he wanted to wage war against those who had tricked him to capture  his beloved daughter. Then the two parties prepared to wage war against  one another. 

King Hogni said that it was too late to prevent this war. Because he had  drawn his Dainsleif sword out, someone must die to quench this thirst of blood. If this sword hurt someone, the wound would never be healed.
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grinding wheel recipe
-12 daedric hearts
-12 quicksilver ingots

skyforge crafting : 1h/2h (bring 2h version)

location: between  Wayward Pass and Mount Anthor