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Collectionof A lot of different Main menu replacers with music ofc..For all types of Playthroughs!

My goal is to make the Biggest Main menu Replacer Compilation mod in nexus, one that can fit any person.
Necromancer, warden, berserker, Lich, Vampire lord, Mage and many more! (With unique ambiance)

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We all been there, we played skyrim for 3,000 times 

And switched from a Dark Necromancer to A viking type, even a Healer with a golden heart 

For me the fun of the game is the role and how you play your character 
Well now you can fully Immerse to your character's role with the proper menu!

Videos added for sound Preview 

Randomizer will not be added for the simple fact that if 1 thing is installed Incorrectly the "Randomizer DLL Script" 
Will shoot off random files from "mainmenuwallpapers" to you data folder, been there just now not fun cleaning it up xD

 With that been said, i will not provide any assistance in that matter.


 LOTR - Fantasy 

LOTR - Sauron's eye 

Shadow of Mordor 

Odin's Menu 

Ship - Fantasy 


Dovahkiin - Demi God 

    Necromancer - Female 

    Necromancer - Lich King


Lord Crusader 

Vampire Lord 

Elven Archer

Fierce Dragon

Skyrim Logo HQ 


A Lone Wolf 

Dragons dogma 

Nero - Black clover


Slime Reincarnation & Alternative

Attack On Titans

Many more to come. 
All files comes with their own Ambiance.

1.2 Added 

Necromancer - Female & Lich King


Valkyrie - Less Fade-IN, Volume 135%

1.4.1 Added

A lone Wolf

1.4.2 Added

Lord Crusader
Vampire Lord -Female
Elven Archer - Female

1.4.3 Added

Skyrim Logo HQ
Fierce Dragon
Dragons dogma

1.4.4 Added
Slime Reincarnation & Alternative
Attack On Titans

Leave a suggestion in the comments <3
You may NOT reupload any of my files to Nexus/3rd party sites.
This mod is FREE-TO USE!

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