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A small but hopefully somewhat original and funny Quest about a Cyrodilean Nobleman visiting a Draugr Ruin.Primarily to learn Modding and maybe apply for a Mod team later on.

Permissions and credits
This mod is primarily intended as a personal learning project and maybe later for an application to a mod team. The quest however is nonetheless thought-out and created with care, so maybe it is indeed interesting for players who like to play small inconsequential and a little bit more funny or satirical quest mods. To motivate me in learning Modding I tried to make the Quest more creative and unique than just a simple fetch quest or something similar. The Quest is ~20 minutes if you listen to all dialogues with the combat parts taking probably 5 minutes of that. It is completely AI voiced with xVASynth. I personally was positively suprised by this ai-voiced dialogues, though they are obviously not on the same level as real dialogues and some lines sound much better than others (in retrospective the choosing of voice type is quite important, the voice types chosen by me are fine, but xVASynth offers some with much better quality).

The Mod Great City of Falkreath is needed for this Quest, as I needed a fitting dungeon for the mod with some criterias like beeing nearby a town, mostly unused etc. Its a great mod anyway and worthy to try out.

The Story:
The young cyrodiilean Nobleman Cidos Umbranox of Anvil is on an "educational" journey through Skyrim. Though he is generally excited by the land and its history he longs for some more adventurous experiences. Cidos' servant and mentor Regullius wants to fullfill Cidos' wish to visit a real Draugr ruin as the Grand finale of the journey and seeks help from the Player in organizing this "Once-in-a-lifetime Draugr Experience". Cidos' Safety however is an important aspect and therefore Regullius has made a quite crazy plan for this ruin expedition that involves some secrecy, a couple of wooden swords and a powerful Conjuration Scroll.
Though the story is intended to be funny and somewhat satirical of modern adventure tourism the story is lore-friendly.

How to start:
Meet Regullius (he forcegreets you if near enough) in the Dead Mans Drink (Tavern) in Falkreath.


- should be compatible with nearly any mods as long as they don't drastically change the city layout of Falkreath or revert the new cells in the Great City of Falkreath.
- the original Great City of Falkreath has a small bug (randomly appearing blocks of stones in the Falkreath tomb) that I fixed in this mod.

Thanks go to
- the Arcane University and all helpful modders and trainers there for the motivation and assistance in learning Skyrim Modding
- soldierofwar for the Great City of Falkreath Mod.
- DanRuta for the fantastic xVASynth Tool to generate voicelines which was a huge factor in motivating me to learn Modding.