Skyrim Special Edition
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About this mod

An all encompassing mod that allows players to wear circlets with all head-covering items in Skyrim and it's DLC

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The What:
This is a simple mod that allows players to equip any item flagged as a circlet with any item flagged as a head covering. All vanilla and DLC hats, helmets, hoods, and hooded robes are included. As a bonus I removed the ears flag so you can have your earrings mods too.

The Why:
I was dissatisfied with the current mods I seen that did something similar to this but weren't so all inclusive, so I made my own mod.

The How:
All I did was spend a whole morning scouring Skyrim and it's DLC in SSEEdit for all the armors that were flagged as head and/or hair fitting, added them to an esp, removed the circlet and ears flag, and that's it.

Manual - Just drop the esp in the Data folder and you're done
Mod Manager - Install as usual, make sure it is higher in the load order than any mods that edit the same records to make sure the edits aren't changed back to default