Skyrim Special Edition
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A versatile, customisable ENB preset created for VR. Built with performance in mind. Includes Night Eye integration and the ubiquitous CAS sharpener. Includes multiple LUTs to easily change your game's look.

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Making an ENB for VR is hard. Headset on, headset off, tweak a value, headset on... Ad nauseam. And that's even before you start considering all the atrocious stuff like making a Nexus page for it (Brr). 

So the page will be low effort. Most of the effort went into the thing in the Files section, after all.

What is it? It's an ENB. You can see the pictures.

  • It's relatively fast. It took off about 1-2ms of frametime from my game, which was a Valve Index at 100%SS plugged into a GTX 1080ti.
  • It includes a Night Eye fix.
  • It incldudes CAS.
  • It's pretty.
  • I like it. I hope you will, too.

Make sure your game settings have bUseFilmicCurve set to 0. Otherwise the tonemapping will be all wrong. If you're using Azurite Weathers, edit the included .ini to read bUseFilmicCurve=0.

Wonder why the game became somewhat less vibrant? That's because you can now choose from a bunch of wildly different style presets!
If you go to the ENB menu (Shift+Enter), and open the ENBEffectPostPass.fx dropdown, there's a Technique selector. The LUTs are color schemes. Try them out.
(DEFAULT is a built-in tech that disables the postpass, so don't choose that).

A short FAQ:
Weather mod:
 The screenshots use Azurite Weathers. This mod will work best with Azurite or Cathedral Weathers.
Lighting mod: I use Tamriel Master Lights + Lux. Relighting Skyrim will also work. As for ELFX, I'm too scared of it to check.
Something's broken: Report it. I'll try to fix it in finite time.

Great thanks to LonelyKitsuune. He gracefully allowed me to use some of the Silent Horizons code and patiently answered my questions (And I had a lot of those).