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About this mod

This mod literally changes the entire interface of skyrim to a modern and clean version, changing many other interface of popular and widely used mods. A good interface inspired by the incredible The Last of Us Part II UI.

Permissions and credits

In detail, this mod literally changes the entire Skyrim interface, making it clean, simple and, of course, ModernThis mod does not contain any plugins, only modified .swf files. Among all its features, it will completely change the following:

Astrolabe (A Matter Of Time Mod)
Dialogue Menu
Favorite Menu
Loot Menu (Mod)
RaceMenu (Mod), (Vanilla) and (Enhanced Character Edit Mod)
Gold and Carry Weight (Widget Mod)

And much more...

How do I install and use this?
This mod contains an installer (FOMOD) that simply when you download it with any mod installer (Mod Organizer, NMM, and others) just select the option you want to install and it will do it automatically, download everything required and overwrite everything.

When starting the game and loading the game, go to the configuration menu of the following required mods to adjust their correct positioning:

In Less Intrusive HUD go to HUD Position and select the Load Personal Preset, exit the menu and wait for the HUD to position correctly.

Repeat the same with the following mods:

If you see that on the HUD some item positions are a little too close together, small or messy, try modifying them using the required Less Intrusive HUD mod. 

This mod optionally requires the following for it to work properly:

Less Intrusive HUD with the FISS Patch  - Requirement   
FISS - Requirement
SkyUI - Requirement
RaceMenu  - Optional
A Matter Of Time - Optional 
Widget Mod - Optional 
Quick Loot RE - Optional 
Enhanced Character Edit - Optional (Do not use with RaceMenu (Mod) as these two are compatible with each other, only use one.)
To install these mods, access only their link, follow their instructions and endorse!

This mod is practically incompatible with any mod that overwrites my files. Being more detailed, my mod for example is not compatible with SkyHUD, since my MOD was not made to support these files, here I will leave a list of mods that are already included or are compatible with mine: 

Better MessageBox Controls
Better Dialogue Controls
Wider MCM Menu
Favorite Things
No Bethesda Logo In Menu
Smaller Map Markers for SkyUI
No Boring Sleep-Wait Menu (Works well in the special edition)
(This mods are already included in mine and they are not missing if you already have them installed.)

SkyrimSouls - Unpaused Game Menus (SKSE Plugin) - Compatible
Topographic World Map of Skyrim- Compatible (Highly recommended)
Experience - Compatible
Flat Map Markers - Compatible
MFG Console / Mfg Fix - Compatible
Immersive HUD - iHUD - Compatible (Highly recommended)
UIExtensions - Compatible
moreHUD - Compatible
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim - Compatible
Skyrim Souls RE - Updated Compatible (Highly recommended)
(Any mod that replaces or add images to the loading menu that does NOT modify my files)

And other mods are compatible that as clarified previously, do not overwrite or conflict with some of the files of this mod.

The only problem that can be shown at first glance when using the mod (Ordinator) some descriptions of the perks of the Skills-Level Up menu are incomplete or cannot be fully read. The truth is that if it can be fixed and would be minimizing the size of the texts, but they would be very small and unreadable.

As you may have already noticed, I am new to doing this and this is my first mod, I wanted to do it since I got tired of the typical Skyrim menu, I know there are more mods like mine or better that do the same job, but in this case I wanted strive to do it the style: Modern. In my Future Plans I plan to make more modifications related to these, since I have a good knowledge of the tools with which they are created. I hope to be inspired and bring you more mod like this and even better ones, remember that if you see a problem with something, do not hesitate to let me know, I will be willing to help with anything and collaborate with whoever and whoever needs it. This mod is my welcome to this great community of Modders, and I hope to be someone else among all these great creators :). And also, as you have already seen, my language is not English, but I hope you can understand what I said and understand what I explain.

Used Tools:

Photoshop - for textures
Inkscape - for vector graphics
JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler - for SWF files editing

And obviously in all this work I have been inspired and with the help of some of the settings of their mods, I have a lot to thank these great and incredible creators:

lavigne77 - Less Intrusive HUD
Skyamigo- A Matter Of Time
schlangsterand skyUI team - SkyUI
psychosteve -  SkyUI icons
Wenderer- FOMOD creation tool
elxdark- Customizable UI Replacer
dopesan- NORDIC UI - Interface Overhaul
pavelk- Topographic World Map of Skyrim
uranreactor- Wider MCM Menu for SkyUi - Dear Diary - Paper SkyUI Menus Replacer LE - Favorite Things and Oblivion-like Loading Menu 
ecirbaf- Better Dialogue Controls and Better MessageBox Controls
expired6978- RaceMenu
himika- Quick Loot
rusecraft- Smaller Map Markers for SkyUI
Humbro8282- No Boring Sleep-Wait Menu
tktk1- Enhanced Character Edit

All screenshots have been taken with the incredible K ENB 2021.

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