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This is a ported version of the original mod by Okiir. This version tries to stay true to the original version, with changes only to get rid of the dark faces on many of the NPCs, & a minor fix to a water mesh that was sticking out too far.

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This is a ported version of the original Halls of Dovahndor mod by Okiir.  He has given permission to the modding community to re-upload it, fix it, change it, add quests, etc.  I wanted to release a version that was true to the original, with the only changes being to edit the NPCs to get rid of the dark faces, & a small edit to the water in the Collector's Hall that was sticking out too far.  Otherwise it is the same.

Ever felt like you were never really rewarded for defeating Alduin and saving the entire world? ...And have you always wanted a massive
player home that was both highly detailed and well integrated in to the lore? Well, then this is the mod for you.

Located in Sovngarde, the Halls of Dovahndor is the ultimate home for the ultimate Dragonborn.

This mod has literally hours of exploration for those who want to delve into
the details and uncover every secret. There are hidden locations,
secret paths, and the Underdepths, a massive hideout for your stealthy character.

The mod also features a unique spell, allowing you to teleport to the Halls
of Dovahndor from anywhere, along with several other unique items.

This mod is uploaded as is.  You are free to change it, as I was.  Enjoy!