Skyrim Special Edition
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Adds wearable deer hooves and deer tail.

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I made this because I have the Faun race and several faun companions loaded, but I can never seem to get the tails or hooves to work. With these just treat them like clothes, hooves=shoes and tail=cloak. If placing on an NPC use console command, [forceequip "xxxxxx" 1] to equip to NPC after putting the items in their inventory. The hooves act as high heels so to get them to work correctly you'll need a high heel mod. I use RaceMenu High Heel (s, but I also use Lazy Heels from the Lazy Tools ( to adjust the hoof height and lock in place (6 seems to be the right height in Lazy Heels).

They can be found under the "walkway" by the river in Riverwood (see pictures).

NOTE: There are 2 types of hooves & tails in the satchel, armoured & unarmoured.

This mod is also being made fully available as a modders resource as well, if anyone can use it for something.

Is this a perfect mod? No, but it just works! (Haha! V1 didn't work, but V2 should "just work")

Textures and meshes from Nuska's Character Mod Resource Pack which was made usable to everyone back in the day. Thanks to Nuska for your fine work, wherever you are.

UPDATE: Version 2.1 fixes the mismatched files that were found to be the problem in V2.0. Also added Dremora to the list of races that can wear the hooves.
Version 2.0 is an entire rebuild of version 1. Version 1 connected to textures and meshes in another mod, but those textures and meshes are sourced to the public. So I rebuilt the mod using the textures and meshes and have added all the correctly associated files this time. Version 2 also adds hoof sounds.