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The Phoenix Flavour guide's add-on, which helps you expand Skyrim's world and possibilities in the best way possible.

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The Phoenix Flavour (TPF) guide's add-on, which helps you expand Skyrim's world and possibilities in the best way possible.

While the add-on is in its early stage, support will be offered in TPF Discord server's #tpf-addons-support channel (and not by private messages). In the future people will be supposed to use Bugs feature according to the Bugs section of the add-on for reporting in-game bugs. If you have any questions following the add-on's instructions or if you find a typo or any other mistake in the documentation, feel free to report in TPF Discord server's #tpf-addons-support channel. If you would like to make any recommendations after looking into what the add-on has to offer or to give me an advice, please use Posts feature or use #tpf-addons-discussion. Suggestions on how to improve the documentation are also welcome on GitHub. I will post about updates for the add-on in #the-addons-updates channel.

Don't expect support for adding any other mods or for your modified setups of the add-on.

Now the add-on supports version of TPF. Update versioning for the add-on has the same logic as TPF - major x.x. (1.0., 1.1., 1.2.) updates require a new save game, minor x.x.x. (1.0.1., 1.0.2., 1.0.3.) updates can be applied to an ongoing play-through.

What awaits you:

  • Different quests and places to explore, people to meet;
  • Picturesque additions to Skyrim's landscape and interiors;
  • Not intrusive, interesting new mechanics;
  • Many useful tools and quality of life additions;
  • Polished, hand-picked looks for all races of Skyrim;
  • Fresh animations for player character in both 1st and 3rd person;
  • And much more.

Click here for the add-on's documentation.


Click here for the list of mods the add-on uses.


Click here for the information on how to get the add-on with Wabbajack.


  1. Adding another dungeon pack. Done.
  2. Adding some of JK's interior and The Great City/Town/Village series mods. Done.
  3. Going to make an official fork for Wabbajack.
  4. Going to fix Rayek's Blade and change its enhancement (overall I am happy that you are discouraged to use it now, but it should be changed to be a fully functional early game weapon).
  5. Going to make Kaidan's quest obtainable later into the game.
  6. Going to make Undeath's quest obtainable in a more immersive way.


Click here to learn about the changes the add-on has been through.

Questions & Answers

  • Are you going to add Legacy of the Dragonborn to the add-on?
  • No. There are modpacks and guides, which are built around LotD in mind, there is even an add-on for TPF with LotD and that is enough. In my opinion, LotD is too intrusive and makes you work around it for too much.

  • Is each of the section of the add-on optional?
  • No, only two of them - Interface and Music & Sound FX. They are even marked as optional in the documentation, other sections don't have this indication.

  • Do I need to have TPF on my PC to use the add-on?
  • If you were following TPF's manual guide and now want to add the add-on manually too, then yes, of course. If you want to use the Wabbajack version, you don't need to have TPF on your machine.

  • I use Wabbajack. Does my installation folder need to be the same one that I used for TPF if I want to have both TPF and the add-on?
  • It is possible to have both TPF and my add-on's WJ versions on your computer by making different installation folders for them. Your downloads folder can and should be the same to make the installation process faster and not to make you download TPF's mods once again.