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A black 2k/4k/8k retexture , mesh edit, and pathing fix of the armor originally included as part of Reiko by Leito86 and made into a standalone by Cain9580.

Permissions and credits
This is a black retexture, slight mesh edit, and pathing fix of the armor originally included as part of Reiko by Leito86, made into a standalone by Cain9580, and updated by Gambit77. Originally, I just wanted to make a black version of the armor for personal use, but then after another playthrough of using it I ended up editing the helmet meshes as well. As the 2.1 version is no longer being upkept and had a texture pathing issue, I've decided to create my own mod which introduces some new stuff and fixes all the pathing issues the other versions had. 


-Install this mod however you like. No dependency on previous iterations of the mod.

-By default, the armor uses my version of the helmet mesh with no horns. If you'd like to change this, go into data>meshes>armor>reiko redux>remnant armor>male and locate the "helmet horns" and "helmet_masked horns" NIFs. Rename them to "helmet" and "helmet_masked" respectively. Overwrite when asked. Also included are the dragonplate versions of the armor whose textures have been untouched.

Armor Locations:
In order to get the armor ingame, use the console or craft it under ebony smithing. If you want the dragonbone set, craft it under dragonbone. There is also included a retextured katana from the previous mod authors, "samurai daisho" in black.

Future Plans:

Work on proper ground meshes(DONE!) as well as beast race support.

Known Issue:

Taken from the 2.1 Update, "The UNP neckline part of the female mesh is exploding in game.  It's not very noticeable (I've included a pic of it).  The mesh explosion is contained to inside the armor mesh.  I've spent days trying to fix it, but I've tried everything I could think of and everything recommended to me by friends.  I've never encountered this kind of issue working on FO4 meshes so I'm at a loss.  I've reached out to Ousnius for advice, but haven't heard back yet.  I'll push an update if myself or someone else is able to fix the issue."

Leito86 for the original armor from the Reiko mod
Cain9580 for the original standalone and retexture of the mod
Gambit77 for introducing the 2.1 Update which introduced female variants and various fixes to the mod