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This Replaces the Dark Brotherhood armor with a darker version.

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This Replaces the Dark Brotherhood armor with a darker version.

I always felt that the Dark Brotherhood looked weird in normal vanilla skyrim. They are assassins and the red felt like it was a bit of a bad choice for them to use. This will change that with a black version with a red hand on the chest - The Symbol of The Dark Brotherhood.

Can be forged but require Elven Smithing for Worn Set, Advanced Armors for Shrouded Set and Glass Smithing for Ancient Set.

Can be tempered after completing Quest: With Friends Like These...

Shrouded - Masked hoods for both Male, Female and Beast races. Maskless versions are still maskless. Scarfed Armor for Male and Female.

Worn Shrouded - No masked hoods and no scarfed armor.

Ancient Shrouded - Both versions of the hood and both versions of the armor.

Added a strong box on a table. You'll find it after a blazing fire forces you out of where you once called safe.

Sithis - The personified chaos, also known as the Void

The Void is a cosmic realm of utter nothingness. It is the domain of Sithis, and is the place from which the Daedra of the realms of Oblivion spawn.

"How does one best describe our Dread Father? Imagine a perfect, cloudless midnight, cold as winter ice and shrouded in shadow. That is Sithis."
-Lucien Lachance

"Know this. Every Dark Brother and Sister is a child of Sithis. He whom we call Sithis has many other names. Chaos. Doom. Discord. Sithis is the Void."
-Lucien Lachance

Sundracon for the male masked hoods from his Brotherhood Mask for Man and Mer - male mod -
lodendarkstar for the hand print from his Darkstar Textures - Armor, The Dark Brotherhood armor section within that mod-
redtox for the black 4k textures from his Dark Brotherhood HD armor retexture mod and i cleaned up the male Cuirass and hood textures -
Arthmoor and the Unofficial Patch Project Team for the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - The Dark Brotherhood armor section within that mod. The meshes specifically -
Skyrim SE Creation Kit
Gimp with .dds addon
Bethesda For Making The Elder Scrolls

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