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Snowy Sabre Cat Familiar spell. Costs a base of 120. Lasts a base of 180 seconds. Levels with the character at a rate of 0.70. From 3-95. Designed to be used with combat mods when you don't want a companion. ESL file. Use additemmenu or there should be a copy at the Bannered Mare on the dresser in the room you rent.

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I love using combat mod overhauls but I don't like always having a companion at early levels for RP purposes. That often makes certain play styles impossible. So when I decided my next character should have a cat familiar I went about making this mod.
She is fairly OP at the beginning but not more so than some custom followers you can find.

First mod I've made so I hope everything works out. I did ESL-ify it and checked in LOOT for any error/cleaning messages and it came up clear.

I attempted to add the spell book to the list for vendors. Not sure if that worked out so I also added a copy to the Bannered mare on the dresser.
Please let me know of any bugs.

Base cost is 120 so that a low level character can summon her. And she sticks around for a base 180 seconds. As she is a level 3 Sabre Cat expect her to tear through low level enemies. But she is also a cat so sometimes she'll lie down while you're doing something else and take a while to follow you.

Version 1.1 Mod has now been cleaned. Sorry about that.

Version 1.2 Deleted two phantom NPCs that were in the mod. I... have no idea how or why they were in there but they were and they're gone now. Tested this new version a little bit in my ongoing game and have so far had no problems.