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ESP-FE. Use signposts to fast travel. Normal fast travel is disabled. Compatible with new lands and mods that move or place signposts.

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Disables normal fast travel and gives two alternative methods to fast travel:
  1. Interact with signposts to open the map and fast travel.
  2. Craft travel supplies at a cooking pot with gold, bread, and an apple. Using the supplies will open the map and let you fast travel. It's like a portable, single-use signpost, but it weighs 10 units, so you don't want to carry a bunch.

Because of the way this mod was made, it should be compatible with any mod that adds more signposts or moves existing ones as long as they use the vanilla signpost.

May not be compatible with other mods that disable fast travel. If you have another mod that has the option to turn off fast travel, don't use that option and you should be fine. I disable/enable fast travel when you open the map, so if another mod is doing the same thing at the same time, you might get inconsistent results.

SKSE is required.

  • Just remove the mod. You can enable fast travel again in console or you can just walk into an interior and out again and you should be able to fast travel again.

  • wSkeever for help with modding and creating the beautiful tasteful logo.
  • po3 for the satchel mesh.
  • lilebonymace for the code from Simply No Fast Travel.