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A race mod that aims to enhance the vanilla races and cultivate distinct playstyle features for each.

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Of Mer and Men
By Ridleyfire

Of Mer and Men is a race mod that aims to enhance the vanilla races and cultivate distinct playstyle features for each. 

  • Argonian
  • Aquaphile - You can breathe underwater and you swim 50% more quickly.
    Hist Scales - Resist 50% of disease and regenerate an additional 1% of your maximum health per second.
    Histskin - Once a day, regenerate 10% of your maximum health each second for 60 seconds.
  • Breton
  • Brand of the Atronach - 25% chance to absorb incoming spells as magicka. (NPCs have 25% magic resist instead)
    Stability - Conjuration and Alteration spells last 25% longer.
    Dragonskin - Once a day, increase your spell absorption chance to 75% and double your Armor value for 60 seconds.
  • Dark Elf
  • Ashborn - 50% fire resistance.
    Ruthless - Deal 50% bonus damage to enemies below 30% health. (Player only)
    Ancestor's Wrath - Deal unresistable fire damage to nearby enemies that scales with your level.
  • High Elf
  • Well of Magnus - Magicka increased by 50 and 25% shock resistance. 
    Ambition - All skills improve 10% faster. 
    Highborn - Once a day, regenerate 25% of your maximum magicka each second for 60 seconds.
  • Imperial
  • Leadership - Nearby allies deal 35% more damage and gain 100 armor. (Player only)
    Diplomat - Buy and sell items at 10% better prices. Persuasion is twice as likely to succeed.
    Voice of the Emperor - Once a day, calm all nearby enemies for 60 seconds.
  • Khajiit
  • Brushstalker - Movement is 50% muffled and unarmed attacks deal 14 bonus damage
    Night Eye - See better in the dark. Can be toggled on and off.
    Hunter's Eye - Reveal nearby enemies. Can be toggled on and off. 
    Feline Reflexes - Once a day, slow time for everyone but you for 30 seconds.
  • Nord
  • Tongue of Talos - Time between shouts is reduced by 25%.
    Northblood - 50% frost resistance. Frost spells and enchantments are 25% more powerful.
    Battlecry - Once a day, Fear all nearby enemies for 60 seconds.
  • Orc
  • Forgeblood - Weapons and armor can be improved 25% better.
    Unwaivering - Carrying capacity is increased by 50 and equipped armor weighs nothing.
    Berserker Rage - Once a day, deal double damage and take half damage for 60 seconds.
  • Redguard
  • Alik'r Winds - While dual wielding you have a 35% dodge chance. While blocking you take 25% less damage. (Player only)
    Rising Viper - 50% poison resistance. Brew 30% stronger poisons. 
    Adrenaline Rush - Once a day, regenerate 50 additional stamina per second for 60 seconds.
  • Wood Elf
  • Wildheart - Move 25% faster. 50% resistance to disease and poison.
    Naturalist - Most animals and forces of nature are friendly to you.
    Call of Kynareth - Once a day, summon several animals to fight with you.

Skill Distribution Changes:
  • Dark Elves - Alteration points moved to One-Handed
  • Imperial - Restoration skill moved to Speech. Enchanting skill moved to Restoration.
  • Nord - 5 of their 10 Two-Handed points moved to Heavy Armor.
  • Redguard - Destruction and Alteration points moved to Light Armor and Alchemy.

  • Not compatible with other race mods.
  • Has compatibility issues with the vampire starts for Alternate Start - Live Another Life and New Beginnings - Live Another Life Extension.
  • Compatibility patch needed for most vampire mods if you want Histskin/Highborn/Adrenaline Rush to work in sun as vampires.
  • Not making a Histskin/Highborn/Adrenaline Rush patch for Better Vampires in the forseeable future.

Recommended to do it through NMM or MO. You'll need to either start a new save or do some work in the console to get the new abilities added. 

To Do List: 
* Redguard: Disable blood splash + add sound effect or message when you dodge?
* General: Fix any loading screens to be accurate to the mod.