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About this mod

This is an extension of the vokrii mod. It adds 19 perks, and there are also perks for minor classes.

It is designed to enable different unarmed play depending on the choice of armor and the presence of a shield.

Permissions and credits
This is an extension of the vokrii : Light Heavy Shield

- During the version update, the file name was changed. delete old Files and install v1.2


  • A total of 19 extra perks. 15 unarmed perks and 3 perks for minor classes
  • Balanced without overpowering and Vokrii-linked perks  
  • Does not touch the existing Vokrii perk. If you don't get the 'LightheavyShield' mod's perk, it'll be exactly the same as the original vokrii.
  • Various and fun design of the existing unarmed class perk
  • Unarmed playstyle that changes depending on the choice of armor and the presence or absence of a shield
  • You can play unarmed with a shield, and you can use Unarmed killmoves while wearing a shield.
  • Only 1 esp file, script free

(All scripts are vanilla and original Vokrii scripts. (Actually, I don't know how to make scripts...)

*Unarmed killmove while wearing a shield modifies the Unarmed killmove condition. Mod 'Violens'  crashes because it also modifies the Unarmed killmove condition. Optional files are all the same except for the use of Unarmed killmoves with Shield and do not conflict.

*The number of additional perks is fair
Perk in one build :  OneHanded-10Perk, DualWield-13Perk, TwoHanded-14Perk, Unarmed-6Perk (Mod Add-6Perk, + Optional Perk-4)

Vorkrii Unarmed Tip

In Vokrii, Stamina is damage.
Based on 'Iron Fist(3)',
if you are level 80 and your current stamina is 10, the additional damage is 3.
if you are level 10 and your current stamina is 200, the additional damage is 60
What is important is Current stamina management, or Unarmed damage that will guarantee you when you have no stamina.

About perk

Light Armor

Light Armor is a skill with an unarmed perk in the original Vokrii. An additional perk was added to suit the existing unarmed perk, and if light armor was selected, it was configured to link with the Vokrii light armor perk. The playstyle is a technique that aims for big damage while out fighting with the advantage of stamina and movement speed.

Unarmed Common Perk

  • 30 - Brawler Reaction : If you receive a power attack while unarmed, the time slows down.
  • 70 - Brawler Reaction2 :  a bit faster out of time slow. Also, now when you attacking the enemy's side or back, it deals 50% more damage.
  • 40 - Lucky Punch : Unarmed power attacks  have a 7% chance to deal damage equal to the current stamina and knock down the enemy.
  • 100 - Adrenaline Provoke : Killing an opponent with a Unarmed attack, stamina regenerates 30% of your maximum Stamina per second for 5 seconds

Perk for light armor

  • 20 - Light Step : If you in combat with Unarmed while wearing all light armor parts, your movement and stamina regen will increase. The value increases every 10 of Light Armor Skill, the maximum is 10% speed and 2% stamina regen
  • 50 - Side Step : When time slows down, wearing all light armor parts and attacking the enemy's side or back deals 100% more damage. The Side Step's normal attack causes a stagger. (Shout is not affected)

Heavy Armor

Heavy armor is much worse than light armor. Because Unarmed Perk is in light armor, it is difficult to raise attack/defense quickly compared to light armor, and you have to lose 1 Perk because you have to take light armor mastery. Therefore, the early game advantage is very large compared to light armor and the damage factor is high.

  • 20 - Heavy Arm : Unarmed damage  is added depending on the gauntlet material. and when all heavy armor parts  is worn, unarmed damage increases  every 10 of the Heavy Armor skill, and the maximum is 20.
  • 50 - Counter Punch : during slow time while wearing all heavy armor parts, Unarmed powerattack  deals 200% more damage and knock down.


Now you can carry your shield and unarmed attack. Of course, the unarmed kill move also activates! (If you don't have a shield kill move related mod) Shield Perk is very simple, but it has synergy with the heavy armor and block skills of the original Vokrii, and it has good synergy with This mod Unarmed Perk.  Best of all, you can do Captain America!

  • 30 - Turn The Tide : Bash an enemy's power attack to restore a small amount of stamina. Power bash is more effective.
  • 50 - Make Weakness : Unarmed attacks with shields do 100% more total damage to staggered or knocked down targets.

Enchanting Perk

It was tailored to the Ki strike, the original Vokrii Perk. Actually, I was thinking about whether to change the Ki strike, but Ki strike plays a large role in guaranteeing basic damage even if there is no stamina in the late game, so I left it as it is and made it possible to strengthen the Perk. The 'Thunderstruck' associated with 'Ki of Elemental' is not in the tooltip, but it also increases Ki strike damage in the original Vokrii.

  • 30 - Ki of Fire : Gain 'Ki of Elemental' power. Ki of Fire deals 20 additional damage with each power attack and has a 10% chance to burn the enemy for 4 seconds. When you learn ki strike, all effects are transferred.
  • 30 - Ki of Frost : Gain 'Ki of Elemental' power. Ki of Frost deals 20 additional damage with each power attack and has a 8% chance to freeze the enemy. When you learn ki strike, all effects are transferred.
  • 30 - Ki of Shock : Gain 'Ki of Elemental' power. Ki of Shock deals 20 additional damage with each power attack and has a 15% chance to silence the enemy. When you learn ki strike, all effects are transferred.

(In order to use Ki, 'Ki of Elemental' Power must be selected and used in the magic window. However, if you learn Ki Strike, 'Ki of Elemental' Power will be replaced by another function and all effects will be transferred to Ki strike as a passive. If you select one Ki, only one elemnetal attack will be performed, but if you select multiple Ki, it will go out randomly like a Ki strike. Even if you learn Ki strike first and select it later, the effect is transferred to Ki strike.)

Conjuration Perk

Unarmed is very disadvantageous in filling soul gem compared to other classes That's why I made a Perk, and now if you learn a different summoning weapon Perk, the same applies.

  • 30 - Soul Grab : You gain the Power 'Soul Grab' to bound your fist for 100 seconds, The Bound Fists cast Soul Trap on targets for 5 seconds and It has the same effect as other bound weapons

Minor Class Perk

  • 20 - Mystic Arts : A weapon attack or bash equipped with magic deals additional damage equal to 5% of the current magicka and recovers a small amount of magicka. In case of power attack and bash, the effect is increased.
  • 40 - Mystic Enchant : Weapon add damage equal to 15% of current Magicka. One-handed power attack or power bash reduces the cost of destruction magic by 28% for 4 sec. This effect increases by up to 40% depending on the Destruction Magic skill.

  • 20 - Prepared Dagger : Dagger attacks 20% chance deal 4 poison over 5sec, It rises to 36 depending on the one-handed weapon skill. power attacks have a 30% chance to stagger enemies. Must be equipped with a dagger in the right hand to apply
  • 20 - Tight Grip : If only one-handed weapon was equipped, Increases weapon damage by 40%  and power attack stamina is consumed 20% less. Daggers are not allowed

V1.2 Update

-Add 3 Perk
  • Heavy60 Tireless Fist - stamina  restored every time you knockdown an enemy with an unarmed attack.(HeavyArmor only)
  • Light60 Restless Fist - Stamina is restored with each unarmed attack that causes a stagger.(LightArmor only)
  • Block60 Raising Fury - If you block an enemy's melee attack with a shield in the unarmed state, the unarmed damage increases by 5. Unlimited stacks until a fist attack.

Detailed perk description 

Light Armor

  • Brawler Reaction - It is the same as that of the shield Perk. I use the vanilla bug fixed in Vokrii original.This completely changes the style of heavy and light armor. It's up to you to make a time attack similar to a time block, or whether you want to go back and outrun the enemy

  • Brawler Reaction2 - Both heavy and light armor are good effects, but the light side is a perk that has a bigger advantage. As the speed increases, it is easier to target the enemy's side and rear, and the additional damage increases the damage of the 'SideStep' perk. The Angle of the Side attack is very wide.
*Block Perk 'Quick Reflex' has a longer slow time than Brawl reaction (same time as vanilla)
  • Lucky Punch - This is a perk that tells you the importance of stamina management. If you currently have 1000 stamina, it will do the same amount of additional damage. However, if the current stamina is 10, the additional damage is 10.

  • Adrenaline Provoke - A minor version of Redguard's Adrenaline Rush. Unarm is very useful because the current stamina is damage. I think it will be a huge advantage for unarmed playstyle, so it's skill 100.

  • Light Step - vokrii It is the same as the 'Agility' and 'Windrunner' effects, which are the existing Perk. They are linked to each other to further amplify speed and stamina. It is added little by little every 10 levels, so you need to have a high light armor skill to see the advantage. This is possible only in battle because in a peaceful state, light armor already has a higher movement speed advantage than heavy armor.

  • Side Step - Lightarmor Unarmed Iconic Perk. Since it causes a stagger when attacking from the side, it can be combined with a strong attack to inflict great damage. You can add 100% additional damage with the 'MakeWeakness' effect, which is a shield perk.

Heavy Armor

  • Heavy Arm - It is a Perk that increases unarmed damage depending on the material of the heavy armor in vanilla. The number is lower than vanilla, but as an additional effect, it increases unarmed damage according to the heavy armor skill. It is a Perk similar to 'Light Step' of light armor.

  • Counter Punch - A heavy armored Iconic Perk. If the enemy does a power attack, trust your armor and raise your fists. This Perk is High risk High return. If the hit is successful, it is good to do an additional hit to the knocked down enemy, and you can continue to inflict 100% additional damage while being knocked down with the shield perk 'MakeWeakness'.


  • Turn The Tide - This Perk was added in the final stage. If 'Brawler Reaction' is triggered when playing heavy and light armor, it will force a counterattack, so bash will not be used. So I made this perk. Use it when you run out of stamina

  • Make Weakness - It's a very simple Perk, but has a lot of potential. both light and heavy armor can deal more damage with this Perk. Light Armor Unarmed's Iconic Perk synergizes with this Perk and also synergizes with the heavy armor of the original Vokrii and a staggering or knocking down Perk in the Block tree.

For Minor Class Perk

  • Mystic Arts - Similar to the 'iron fist' perk, it deals additional damage equal to 5% of the current magicka. Doubles when attacking. And restores Magicka! This also applies to bash. It's difficult to pinpoint the exact amount of magicka recovered, but we've made it as balanced as possible. Depending on the destruction magic skill, the amount recovered also increases. And the power attack is 3 times higher than the normal attack. Made for wizards with armor or shields

  • Mystic Enchant - Makes 'Mystic Arts' 5% damage to 15% damage and reduces the cost of destruction magic when performing heavy attacks. It is difficult for an armor mage to use advanced magic because only cloth clothes reduce the cost of destruction magic and regenerate magicka, but I made it possible for armor mages to use advanced magic to some extent.

  • Prepared Dagger - The dagger is a really good weapon in stealth play, but very weak in all-out warfare. Plus, it doesn't cause stagger, so it's very disappointing if you're using it as a dual wield weapon. So, by adding a stagger with a small probability and using poison with a 20% chance, you can activate the existing vokrii dagger Perk 'Fangs' without alchemy. The right hand must hold the dagger. Any left hand is allowed.

  • Tight Grip - It was created for the concept of using only a one-handed sword. It's a very simple Perk, and the dagger becomes too strong when combined with stealth, so I made a separate 'Prepared dagger' Perk and excluded it here. Only one-handed Weapons are required, and torches also apply.

Recommend Mod

Unarmed Hotkey MCM 
or if you not have skyui
Unarmed Hot Key
##Do not press the Hotkey multiple times at once. Unarmed Perk may not trigger.
If Unarmed Perk doesn't trigger, just hold anything in your right hand and release it##

Thanks for

  • Thanks to EnaiSiaion for making a very fun Vokrii mod

  • This mod is inspired by deleted103916718's 'Vokrii Brawler (Unarmed Rebalance)Mod'
and Alunder's Ultimate Knock Down System Mod

  • Most of the Perk utilized the Vokrii script and the idea of EnaiSiaion. Thank you again.

This is my first mod. It was a very enjoyable time while making it. If you like Unarmed, please enjoy it!

My Mod

Unarmed Perk Extend - LHS - The bandit Follower


  • Vokrii - Unarmed Extend - Light Heavy Shield HARD : Reduces Brawler Reaction's slow time, but increases speed and adds 50% more 'Counter Punch' and 'Side Step' damage. You can hit by 'anticipating' the enemy's power attack. Uninstall the other version and install it
  •  There is a bug where if you click a two-handed weapon in your inventory after wearing a shield in Unarmed Build, you cannot equip it. It can be fix, but it doesn't happen when you equip a two-handed weapon (bow) as a hotkey(Favorite). And it's a minor situation, so if anyone needs it, please tell me. - Fixed
  • Bug Fix and Soul Grab and Ki of Elemental no longer require iron fist.
  • Hard mode will not be updated after v1.1. I'm working on a similar mod and it's hard to manage.
-Add 3 Perk
  • Heavy60 Tireless Fist - stamina  restored every time you knockdown an enemy with an unarmed attack.(HeavyArmor only)
  • Light60 Restless Fist - Stamina is restored with each unarmed attack that causes a stagger.(LightArmor only)
  • Block60 Raising Fury - If you block an enemy's melee attack with a shield in the unarmed state, the unarmed damage increases by 5. Unlimited stacks until a fist attack.

-Remove Outro effectsound from 'Brawl Reaction'