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A quaint home for the somewhat hoarder, the thief, and the nord/dunmer with room for spouse and follower. Situated at the southern edge of Eastmarch Hold (and just north-westish of Quaint Cabin).

Permissions and credits
permissions: anyone can port, change, whatever my mods so long as they credit me, and the mod(s) are not involved in anything
being sold or something illegal. Happy modding. :)
*Also, sorry but I won't be doing patches for any mods I don't use; and also may not depending on whether it's something I actually know how to patch
and have the energy for.

All DLCs needed (hearthfire, dragonborn, dawnguard)

Quaint Sanctuary was inspired by my two characters I've started playing who are a nord and a dunmer and meet, fall in love, get married, and have a place built in Skyrim. One or both are a part of the thieves guild, and like to live in comfort and have a room dedicated to what they've 'picked up'. Is also connected to 'Quaint Abode', as the former owners of that home are the parents of one of these. :)

Lighting/the way it looks inside will vary; my screenshots have a reshade with technicolor in them.

-extra key in the knapsack by the door when you enter
-fully navmeshed for followers
-many idles for followers
-window lights reflect night/day so that will get much darker at evening
-many various containers for safe storage, some named
-enchanting, alchemy, baking oven, and cooking.
-a good number of weapon plaques, shield plaques, and weapon racks. There are several 'invisible' dagger displays so check flat surfaces that seem a bit 'empty' of anything! :) 
-double bed for you and spouse (need a follower mod of some kind/AFT or MHiYH or something)
-bedroll in the basement by the bathroom(yes, I remembered a bathroom for this home too, huzzah)
-various ingredients and items, some respawning and some not for le immersion
-six bookshelves
-a journal on the desk explaining where previous occupants went
-most of the shrines, including Boethiah, Mephala, and Azura(and Nocturnal of course!)
-a few unique armors and the like, you'll see them around. Unique axe is between wall and chair to your left when you enter; it has no text describing the enchantments, but it actually has a bit of bleed and health damage and is slightly faster and more damage than regular axe.

-key is inside the picnic basket(pictured)
-woodcutting block
-sharpening wheel, anvil, armor workbench, tanning rack
-many idles for followers
-stable for horse
-pretty scenery, great views
-nice little sit and chill area, and then fancier one /slightly/ 'hidden'
-pelt and hide container, smithing supplies chest, and picnic basket are all safe storage

**notes: does slightly conflict with 'ESO Imports'-you'll have a tree in the middle of the house on the outside-so load this after that mod, and it should be okay(or just tcl command inside house model and click on '00089e6f' tree and type 'disable' and hit Enter). There are also two run-down/ruined homes right next to my house from ESO Imports mod, but while I'm not sure about navmesh for the little corner of my cell one of them is on, they seem to be entirely aesthetic and have nothing to really loot or anything so it's fine.
Also smoothed ground in the two surrounding cells a bit, as I lowered/pulled underground four or so steaming crags or whatever they're called, as the sound combined with music, dragon roars, wind, etc was very much bothering me, so... that's where they disappeared to. Tried to move predator spawns further away in their own cells so they wouldn't be right next to home, as well.

there are no hearthfire planters or beds for kids, no smelter, no staff enchanter, no spider-making machine.

Thanks for your interest ^-^ I hope you enjoy it if you decide to download.

some of the mods/textures which I have downloaded that ya can see in screenshots....
majestic mountains
skyrim 3d plants
skyland landscape textures
high poly project
skyrim 3d furniture
and other lovely mods from talented modders on the nexus :)