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This SKSE plugin overrides the exception handler in Skyrim SE and produces a stack dump when a crash occurs. If you're lucky, the stack contains a hint that allows you to find and fix the cause.

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This plugin was inspired by the .Net Script Framework for Skyrim SE. This is a conversion of the Crash Log mod I made for LE some time ago. Note that the .Net Script Framework contains a lot more features and their crash log is probably better as well. You probably should use that instead, especially if you can use its other features. Me, I like my things simple, so this mod does one thing: crash logs.


Version 1 is essentially version 4 for LE with minor cleaning of the output. To be more specific it's the same as version 5 for LE which was never released. You're not missing out if you're on LE, is another way to put it.

Version 2 introduced a new way of generating stack traces since it seemed StackWalk64 was not behaving. Switched to using RtlVirtualUnwind. In the process we lost information about parameters passed, but then again, those were always wrong on x64 (sse) anyways.


Considering this mod uses the same method of overriding the unhandled exception handler in SSE as .Net Script Framework, it's quite likely that they will actually fight eachother. How? Don't know, I haven't tested. It could result in a deadlock, or maybe they will get along and you'll get 2 crash logs instead of one. Not sure why you'd use both though.


Crash logs are saved in the game directory (next to SkyrimSE.exe). The plugin log file (crash_log_se.log) is now located in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\SKSE. This seems to be where SKSE64 wishes to put logs this time around, not going to argue.

Crash log file name example: crash_2021_03_09_12_22_1.log (crash_<date>_<counter>.log)

Note that crash logs may contain personal or sensitive information.


Source is available on request. I had to create a virtual machine to avoid having VS2017 brick/bloat my setup, so what I'm saying is, I'm a bit too lazy to go zip it up now but can do if someone must have it.