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A loose version of Longclaw from the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series of novels. Original design by Brendan Olszowy of Fable Blades and Jeffrey J Robinson of Bronze by Jeffrey J Robinson.

Permissions and credits
"Longclaw - Series Friendly" and "Longclaw - Steel" optional files have been integrated into the main files as of version 1.8

Original design by

This sword is made in the image of a real sword, which itself was created as a loose version of Longclaw as described in the book series, "A Song and Ice and Fire". There will be differences from the description in the books.

Main Files

Includes a little scripted sequence to obtain Longclaw, a mini-quest of sorts. To begin, go kill a wolf, any wolf. Something interesting should happen. Remember to loot the corpse. If you want a two handed Longclaw or wish to change it's style, after you've obtained Longclaw please read the note in your inventory called "Rebalance Longclaw".

Longclaw - Crafting
Crafting only version. This does not include the scripted sequence. Longclaw can be crafted at the forge under the steel category, both one handed and two handed variations are available, as well as different visual styles. The ebony smithing perk is required for balancing reasons.

Optional Files

Longclaw - Dual Sheath Redux Meshes
Dual Sheath Redux compatibility meshes. Created by dxraptor.

Longclaw - Alt Sheath
Contains alternate sheath meshes. A slight modification of the standard sheath. Created by dxraptor.

Longclaw - Gray Leather Fix
Install this if Longclaw's leather looks gray in-game. This file contains textures: darkened color (diffuse) maps for the sheath and sword handle.


One Handed
Stat = Longclaw, Daedric Sword
Speed = 1, 1
Damage = 14, 14
Reach = 1, 1

Two Handed
Stat = Longclaw, Daedric Greatsword
Speed = 0.8, 0.7
Damage = 22, 24
Reach = 1.1, 1.3


- added alternate visual options, available at the forge
- blade blood mesh fixes
- initial release for SSE

Known Bugs

- summon effects for the attacker are inconsistent and often do not play