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Collection of engine bug fixes and tweaks. SKSE plugin.

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powerofthree's Tweaks


Visual C++ Redistributables 2019 
Address Library for SKSE Plugins


A collection of bug fixes and tweaks not covered by other plugins.

Fixes are bugfixes or other game improvements.
Tweaks are optional gameplay or immersion features. 
Experimental options are untested, and may possibly cause unforeseen side-effects. Only enable this if you know what you're doing.

Each of these settings can be configured in po3_Tweaks.ini (in Data/SKSE/Plugins). Config file will auto regenerate if missing
and new settings will be appended to the file with future updates.

Fixes (default : enabled)

  • Queued Ref Crash
Fixes crash with faulty ref loading. This may be caused by mods such as Windhelm Bridge Tweaks.

  • Map Marker Placement
Allows placing map markers near fast travel destinations when fast travel is disabled.

  • Enable 'Can't Be Taken Book' Flag
Restores 'Can't be taken' book flag functionality. Books can be read but not taken into inventory, if this flag is enabled in book records.

  • Projectile Range Fix
Adjusts range of projectile fired while moving to maintain consistent lifetime. This is a working implementation of the LE fix found here.

  • CombatToNormal Dialogue Fix
Fixes bug where LostToNormal dialogue triggers in place of CombatToNormal, ie. combat ends and NPCs say "must have scared them off".

  • Cast Added Spells on Load
Fixes issue where added spells are dispelled and not reapplied on NPCs upon loading.

  • Cast No Death Dispel Spells on Load
No-death-dispel flagged spells are reapplied on dead NPCs upon loading.

  • IsFurnitureAnimType Fix
Patches IsFurnitureAnimType condition function so it works on furniture references (previously, it only worked on actors currently using said furniture).

  • Light Attach Crash
Fixes crash when lights (torches, magelight, quicklight, etc) get attached to unloaded actors.

  • No Conjuration Spell Absorb
Adds NoAbsorb flag to all conjuration spells missing this flag.

Tweaks (default: disabled)

  • Faction Stealing
Items will be marked stolen until player is friendly with all present members of faction. This attemps to fix a vanilla mechanic described here.

  • Load Door Fade Out
Disables NPC fade out when using load doors. 

  • Voice Modulation (default: 1.0)
Applies voice distortion effect on NPCs wearing face covering helmets. A value of 1.0 has no effect; pitch is directly proportional to value.
Recommended setting (0.85-0.90), values lower than this will cause audio to desync with subtitles and lipsync.

  • Game Time Affects Sounds
Scales sound pitch based on time multiplier, eg. Slow Time will cause all sounds to be low pitched.

  • Dynamic Snow Material
Applies snow material to all statics with directional snow/snow texturesets, eg. Footprints mod will work on snowy wooden planks and roads.
Only enabled in regions with snowy weather.

  • Disable Water Ripples On Hover
Levitating NPCs and player (vampire lord, dragon priest, wispmother, netch, etc) will not trigger water ripples when hovering over water.

  • Screenshot Notification To Console
Displays screenshot notification as a console message.

  • No Attack Messages (default: 0)
Disables critical hit/sneak notifications.

  • Sit To Wait
Player can only wait when sitting down.

  • Disable God Mode (default: 0)
Disables god/immortal mode.

  • Grabbing Is Stealing
Grabbing owned items counts as stealing.

  • Load Door Activate Prompt  (default: 0)
Replaces load door activate prompts with Enter and Exit. 
1 - replaces prompt (Open Breezehome -> Enter Breezehome)
2 - replaces prompt and cell name when moving from interior to exterior (Open Skyrim -> Exit Sleeping Giant Inn)

Experimental (default : disabled)

  • Fast GetRandomInt() (default: false)
Speeds up Utility.GetRandomInt function calls by decoupling it from framerate.

  • Fast GetRandomFloat() (default: false)
Speeds up Utility.GetRandomFloat function calls by decoupling it from framerate.


Plugin source

  • Ryan (SniffleMan) for CommonLibSSE
  • KernalsEgg for helpful advice