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About this mod

This mod makes changes to jewelry merchants to make them worth visiting, including adding gems and enchanted items to their inventories.

Made with all vanilla assets, ESL flagged version available.

Permissions and credits
== What this mod does ==

Ever need more gemstones? Do you wish there were more places to shop for enchanted jewelry? Do the jewelry merchants of Skyrim seem largely irrelevant after only a moderate amount of game time? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this mod might be for you!

I was looking for balanced ways to inject more gems into the game to assist with the increased demand brought about by the other mods I use. Having jewelry merchants sell them was one of the logical solutions I came to, but as I worked on a mod to just add gems to their inventories, I came to realize their inventories needed a bit of a makeover.

The merchants affected by this mod are as follows:

  • Fralia Gray-Mane in Whiterun
  • Kerah in Markarth
  • Madesi in Riften

For all three, I added leveled lists for gems so that you should expect to see roughly 2 – 5 gems per inventory refresh. This includes everything from regular amethysts up to flawless diamonds based on your level. Additionally, all of these merchants will now offer a small selection of leveled enchanted jewelry as  well.

Finally, their base inventories are all pretty limited in the vanilla game. They may be specialists at small stalls, but they still ought to have a large enough selection to stay in business. When I added the handful of gems to their inventories, they seemed to almost crowd out the jewelry selections. Increasing their inventories seemed like a necessary change, so I have enhanced the volume and variety of the jewelry inventories in general so that each should have about ten regular jewelry items consisting of vanilla rings, amulets, and circlets.

The specific changes to each merchant's general jewelry selections are as follows:

Kerah – Kerah's inventory required the biggest overhaul as it was actually unleveled – they directly placed individual jewelry pieces in her chest. I'm about 95% sure their goal was to have her only sell silver jewelry because silver is the big theme for Markarth. Since they didn't have a leveled list for only silver jewelry, lazy Bethesda just stuck silver jewelry directly in her merchant chest. It achieved their goal but at the cost of her inventory having little to no variety. That makes her fairly useless and irrelevant as a jewelry merchant unless you really want a lot of plain silver rings and amulets. I solved this by creating a leveled list just for her. I tried to make it so she would only have silver enchanted jewelry too, but due to the extensive leveled lists (upon leveled lists upon leveled lists) of enchanted jewelry, it just wasn't feasible. From a lore friendly perspective, she could easily just be trading with other merchants from outside Markarth to obtain the non-silver enchanted jewelry.

Fralia – Her issue was primarily that she didn't offer circlets. Not a huge issue but it did mean she had less variety.

Madesi – Same as Fralia, just needed to add circlets.

Note: the changes may appear right away but if not then you may need to allow up to several days for merchant inventories to reset. If after that you still don't see the changes, then another mod may be conflicting and you need to move this mod lower in your load order.

Also keep in mind that they may appear to have a little more than I claim they should if they have any rings or gems in their personal inventories and you have the Merchant perk. They may also have more if they allow you to buy the items physically displayed at their stand (I believe at least Fralia does). The Merchant perk is not required to buy the gems from these merchants based on the testing that I have done.

==Known Issues==

None at present.

== Requirements ==

This mod shouldn't require anything beyond the base game.

== Compatibility ==

May conflict with other mods that make direct changes to the merchant chests for Kerah, Fralia, or Madesi. Otherwise, should be compatible with most anything else.

== Installation ==

Use your favorite mod manager or manually drop the mod file into your data folder. You have the option of downloading the mod as an .esp or an .esl flagged .esp (which won't take up a mod slot in your load order). Only choose one!

== Uninstallation ==

Remove via your favorite mod manager(if installed with one) or manually remove the mod file from your data folder directories.

== Permissions ==

Feel free to tweak this as you like. If you decide to re-upload here or elsewhere, changed or not, please just give credit. There may be no unique assets here, but I still spent my own time putting it together.

This may not be uploaded to any other site for profit!

== Credits ==