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Complete re-imagination of Classes for Skyrim. Develop your character via a class system that lets you decide which skill sets to use, abilities to gain, and how to specialize as your character advances. This version utilizes the Custom Skills Framework.

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Class Overhaul RImagined

A complete overhaul and re-imagination of classes. Develop your character through a series of occupations, further specializing as you go. The options available depend upon how you play and develop your character.

Utilizing the Custom Skills Framework, class progressions are completed via Skill Trees. The Skill Trees are accessed by reading a the book Classes of Skyrim which is supplied to the player (and spell tome vendors) when the mod initializes.

The book Classes of Skyrim is added upon the mod initializing. This book may also be found at various spell tome vendors. Reading the book will allow you to access the relevant Skill Trees (or just read about info on the available paths). You begin with a single perk point, and gain an additional point every 5 character levels (5, 10, 15 , 20, etc.). In a vanilla game, this would provide a total of 17 points (point 17 gained at level 80), which is sufficient to reach and invest adequately in any specialization.

As you gain points, read the book to access the Skill Tree and advance your archetype and abilities. You can create a purist Warrior/Mage/Thief, or eventually unlock classes specific to these archetypes. Continue to advance your class, or eventually unlock specializations specific to that class (and previous archetype).

  • To unlock a Class or Specialization tree, you must achieve Level 2 of the relevant Archetype or Class.
  • Which skills you choose to develop are irrelevant, only the number of skills in each discipline (Combat / Magic / Stealth).
  • Some ability options have requirements. You can not choose Archer as a Combat Focus if you have not developed Archery for example.
  • You can only unlock one set of Classes and one set of Specializations.
  • Previous skill trees can be revisited and you can continue to invest in them, but you can not take on multiple Class/Specialization trees.
  • Every build has benefits: Legendary Archetypes will max out their Novice ability 2-3 times higher than any other path for example.






Novice Abilities (Archetypes)

Adept Abilities (Classes)

Master Abilities (Specializations)


For the purpose of determining class eligibility, Cori uses vanilla skill assignments as follows:
  • Combat: Archery (Marksman), Block, Heavy Armor, One Handed, Smithing, Two Handed
  • Magic: Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Illusion, Restoration
  • Stealth: Alchemy, Light Armor, Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Sneak, Speech (Speechcraft)

In addition, the following skills are considered a "hybrid", meaning they count towards multiple categories:
  • Combat / Magic: Smithing and Enchanting
  • Magic Stealth:  Illusion and Alchemy
  • Stealth / Combat: Archery (Marksman) and Light Armor

While I think some are self-explanatory, I did take some liberties with others (for the sake of keeping things balanced).

As with my other SkyRem mods, one of my goals is to ensure maximum compatibility.

  • Mods that alter the FavorJobsBeggarsAbility (Gift of Charity) spell may prevent the Monk abilities from reaching their full potential.
  • Mods that unpause the book menu can make the perk tree not show up. The solution to this is to turn off "unpause book menu" (Skyrim Souls for example).

While not an incompatibility, there are limitations to my implementation and how it works with the Custom Skills Framework.
The requirements auto-listed under each perk may show nothing, or may show numbers. However, these numbers do not align with a "skill" as a regular perk tree, but have to do with skills that are required for that perk (for the most part, this should be relatively intuitive - for instance the 15 under Archer refers to the Archery skill though it does not explicitly say that).

To address this, the requirements are included in the perk description.

When you access a perk tree, you will see the trees visible as well as the "level" of the current tree. This does not actually align with the functioning of this mod. As it is, you will access the first tree and see "Archetypes: 0". The 0 for this means nothing, but attempts to date have been unsuccessful for removing it.

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