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Simple mod which adds a way to get from the ratway to the underneath of the Riften jail, allowing you to leave via the vanilla jail escape exit.

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Recently I have been looking for an immersive way to get out of Riften without going through the front door, and while I found a few mods which do so, none really appealed to me as they either placed random exits outside the city like trap doors or were more complicated than they needed to be.

Thus, this mod was born. All it does is add two boarded sewer grates, one in the ratway in the dark corner to the side of the stairs and another midway through the escape route from Riften jail, allowing you to exit the city through that sewer exit.

This mod has no known conflicts as for some reason no mods seem to touch this area. It works especially well with Skyrim Sewers, which actually makes Riften stand out as the only sewer system in a major city which does NOT have an escape route out of the city.

This is my first mod and attempt at using the creation kit, so go easy on the requests please :P

ESL-Flagged so doesnt take up a spot in your load order.