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Sound replacer. Light up your playthrough with the ear-piercing sounds of joy and happiness, all mudcrabs become Rich Evans from RLM. Now with quieter optional version that cuts out the endless laughter.

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“We do not do this thing because it is permitted. We do it because we have to. We do it because we are compelled.”
― Alan Moore

What It Does:
It's just like the mod "Swearing Mudcrabs", but it's all Hollywood Celebrity Rich Evans. Don't pretend you don't want that juicy Shaq Meat.

Pick between the full version and the quieter version that cuts out the endless laughter and screaming loops.
Author is not responsible for ear damage arising from careless use of this mod.

No surprises, just pick a version and install using the mod manager of your choice. Or manually if you're a masochist.

It's just a sound replacer, so it won't damage your save to pull it mid-playthrough. Don't worry, I understand.

If you can read this, you aren't illiterate. Also, why are you reading this? Go home Modder, you're drunk.