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Retexture of the Quick Loot RE menu to match SkyUI's menu colour scheme and layout. Two styles and sizes to choose from.

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This is a simple retexture of Quick Loot RE's pop-up menu to better match the rest of the SkyUI interface. Should work well with the default Skyrim UI as well if you're one of those heathens who prefers that, though it doesn't have any of the twiddly corners that Skyrim loves.

Two styles to choose from - 'inventory' and 'favourites'. As the names suggest, the themes are based around those respective SkyUI menus, so pick your poison. Check the images to see the differences.

There are also two sizes to choose from. The 'vanilla' option has the same font size and roughly the same dimensions as the default Quick Loot UI. The 'compact' option is around 20% smaller - saves a lot of screen space, but doesn't 100% match up size-wise with the rest of the UI so I separated it.

For the love of Azura please install with a mod manager. Make sure it overwrites Quick Loot RE's main files.

Requires Quick Loot RE (obviously). Thanks for the great mod fudgyduff. Made for 2.8.6.

Shout out to konkeranko's dialogue-style Quick Loot replacer - if you want a theme that matches the vanilla dialogue or favourites menus, this is a great one in my opinion. I don't use either, so I made an alternative.