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This mod adds 6 Dolmens to both Eastmarch and Rift, placedin the exact locations they were in ESO.
ESL flagged + Update.esm version added.

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Hello everyone!

I decided to make a port of my old mod that adds Dark Anchors Ruins and Dolmens to Skyrim for SSE with some bugfixes.

At first it was just a port, but then I read the comments of users who downloaded my old mod and I realized that it requires not only a port and bugfixes, but also a complete redesign from scratch.

21.06.2021 V.2.1 with sseedit autoclean and little bugfixes is released. ESL flagged.

What does the mod do?

Some of you may already be familiar with this mod for Oldrim. That mod added 6 Dolmens to both Eastmarch and Rift, placedin the exact locations they were in ESO. But this mod is a complete revision of the previous one.

Dolmens can be found in the same places as in the ESO. Here they are in the list from the northernmost to the southernmost:

Giant's Run Dolmen
Frostwater Tundra Dolmen
Icewind Peaks Dolmen

Ragged Hills Dolmen
Stony Basin Dolmen
Smokefrost Peaks Dolmen

No quests, just abandoned structures to fill in and diversify the Skyrim landscape a bit.


Heavy Burns review:

The Murloc King review:

Centurión-Esp review:

Interesting NPCs SE (3DNPC) - no conflict or hard ovelaps near Frostwater Tundra Dolmen is found.
Project AHO is not just compatible, but as it turned out due my testing, is recommended. Sadrith Kegran shares the same position as Icewind Peaks Dolmen and that colobaration makes a good view, IMHO.

I guess my mod is not logically or visually compatible with Arthmoor's Dolmen Ruins - ESO Dark Anchors, but if he didn't manage to place dolmens to their lore locations, then I actually do not see any obstacles to use both. But it's up to you which to use.

If you really enjoy my work, you can support me on patreon:


My wife Elizabeth, without whom I would not continue to do modding from time to time.

My father, who showed me how to work with a computer when I was 7 years old.

Mihailmods, to whom I am grateful for supporting the implementation of my work. If it wasn't for him, I don't think my models would have seen the light of day.

Bethesda softworks for creating The Elder Scrolls series

And thank you so much for downloading and supporting me!