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Follower mod of the Uther The Lightbringer concept. based on basic vanilla data. You can meet him at bannered Mare

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Uther The Lightbringer Follower Mod

Complete standalone follower mod

[Basic Information]

Race : Nord Male
Location : Whiterun Bannered Mare
Marital status: Possible
Voice : Brute Male Voice

For The Silver Hand!

This is Follower Mod the Paladin Uther The Lightbringer.

I spent many time on face surgery to look as like as possible to look like Uther

I used Enhanced Character Edit for create faces, and Uther uses independent face textures.

* These Armor and weapon shown in the screenshot are mod.
He's basically wearing the armor of the Stendarr Vigilant and Steel Mace with added Fear enchant.

I wanted to use custom Uther voice but I don't know how to add custom voice to Follower.
So he uses the voice of Brute male. If I know how to do it later, I'd like to add custom voice.
Uther's performance is powerful.

He has good stat more than arthas

He basically has heavy armor, one-handed weapons, and two-handed weapons Perks, and he grows to the same level as the player, uses Stendarr's Aura magic like a Paladin, and also uses Vampire's bane magic.

If you want to wear the armor like my screenshot on Uther, here's my mod list.

Breton Paladin Armor Set
     Weapon's Collection

- Another Tip! -

His face may be similar to Uther, but Vanilla Human is not as huge as Warcraft's Human. Therefore, 
So If you want to see Strong Big Looking Uther, I recommend Install this mod!

Recommend Mod :  Racial Body Morphs SE 

Resource used:

Enhanced Character Edit
KS Hairdos SSE
SkySight Skins - Ultra HD 4K 2K Male Textures and Real Feet Meshes

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