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Adjusts the drop rates of fossils in the fossil mining mod so that you don't need to spend literal in game years to get one of the special ones.

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Hey, I have a Discord now! 

This mod makes it a bit more practical to actually achieve a complete collection of fossils from Fossil Mining - with Legacy support.  The changes are twofold:
  1. Doubled the base drop rate of fossils in general.
  2. Equalized each tier.

What point two means, is that some fossils on each tier were listed multiple times, making them more common than others. I've removed these duplicates to give you an equal chance of getting any fossil from that tier and multiple chances to go up a level (there are four tiers).
Practically what does this mean? Well it means you'll start seeing fossils that were previously much rarer immediately. And for the really really extra rare ones (I'm looking at you crystal fossils), you'll have a reasonable (I think) rate of getting them.

So what's a "reasonable" rate? There are 36 (according to UESP) geode nodes in Blackreach. These (and the gem nodes on Solstheim but let's ignore them for now) are the only sources of the ultra rare crystal fossils. In two runs of Blackreach, I've received one crystal fossil each time. What I came out to experimentally broke down like this (out of 33 because somehow I missed 3 veins):

  • No Fossil - 39% chance
  • Tier 1 Fossil - 48% chance
  • Tier 2 Fossil - 18% chance
  • Tier 3 Fossil - 6% chance
  • Tier 4 (Crystal) Fossil - 3% chance

But those add up to more than 100%! It sure does. Some veins did drop more than one fossil. Lucky!

I'm going to continue testing and possibly refining these drop rates myself, but I can only do so much, so if you're interested I'd love your feedback on how these might be adjusted further.

Use MO2. Seriously. ESLified for your pleasure. Not saved in the CK after. I live dangerously.


Is it safe to install mid-game?
Probably, if you don't sort your load order and leave it right at the end. However if you do and your game explodes that's your own problem. Not recommended.