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- Health and Magicka no longer regenerate passively.
- Potions are stronger, but regenerate attributes over time. Food and Potions are non-stackable, preventing the player from drinking a hundred potions to stay alive.
- Improving is Schools of Magic, passively decreases cost
- Changes up all Standing Stones with unique game-play alt

Permissions and credits
The Purpose of ReRe Skyrim Regeneration Rework is to Make your Health and Magicka into a more valuable resource that must to be managed wisely.

- No Longer Regenerates Passively.
- Using "Wait" no longer heals you to full.
- Health Potions heal for more but no longer stack, and regenerate over 10 seconds.
- Regeneration potions heal slower over a much longer period.
- To heal, you must utilize potions, restoration, and sleep. Play carefully to avoid damage if possible.

- No longer Regenerates Passively.
- Using "Wait" no longer restores your Magicka.
- Magicka Potions also restore more, no longer stack, and regenerate over 10 seconds.
- You now get a passive Magicka Cost Reduction to spells according to your skills Level in each school.
  Apprentice: 20% Cheaper
  Adept: 30% Cheaper
  Expert: 40% Cheaper
  Master: 50% Cheaper
- Developing Your Magical Skills is tougher now. Will be much slower if not utilizing +Magicka and -Cost Enchantments.
- To restore Magicka, you can utilize Potions and Sleep. Developing your skills and adding in Helpful Enchantments is Recommended to become a good wizard.

- Replaced all vanilla regeneration enchantments with a Different Effects.
- No more redundant enchantments due to Stunted Health/Magicka gain.
- Fortify Health Regeneration now slowly Restores Health up to 30% of Maximum Health.
- Fortify Magicka Regeneration has been changed to a Fortify Magicka Enchantment

Standing Stones Update

-------------  The Warrior  -------------
Health: +50
Block Efficiency: +15%
Melee Damage: +15%

--------------- The Mage ---------------
Magicka: 50
Spell Magnitude: +20%

---------------- The Thief ----------------
Stamina: +50
Stamina Regen: +50%
Weapon Speed: +15%

------------ The Apprentice ------------
Magicka: +100
Spell Cost: -30%
Spell Magnitude: -20%

---------------- The Lady ----------------
Health: +50
Passive Health Regeneration up to 30% of Maximum Health.

---------------- The Steed ----------------
Stamina: +50
Movement Speed: +15%
Carry Weight: +100
Heavy Armor no longer encumbers you.

---------------- The Tower ----------------
Health: +50
Armor: +100 Armor
Movement Speed: -15%
Weapon Speed: -15%
Weapon Damage: +35%

----------------- The Lord -----------------
Health: +25
Armor: +50
On Kill: Regenerates A Small amount of Health

---------------- The Lover -----------------
Health, Stamina, Magicka: +30
Persuasion: +20%
Prices are 20% Better
In Battle, Followers are bolstered and attack more fiercely.

--------------- The Atronach --------------
Magicka: +50
Magic Resist: +30%
While Blocking: Recovers Health at the Cost of Magicka.
On Kill: Regenerates a small amount of Magicka.

-------------- The Serpent ---------------
Stamina: +50
Dagger Attacks apply a stacking poison on hit.
Poison has a small chance to paralyze targets.

---------------- The Ritual -----------------
Health: +30
Magicka: +30
Automatically Casts Soul Trap on nearby enemies.
On Kill: Regenerates a small amount of Magicka.

--------------- The Shadow ---------------
Stamina: +30
Magicka: +30
On Kill: Cloak for 3 seconds and regenerate a small amount of Magicka

This mod may clash with other mods that edit "vanilla races","Potion" and "Standing Stone" records.
Compatibility patch would probably be needed to use with mods such as the Animated Potions.
- The New Standing Stones affect Weapon Speed, and thus require an Attack Speed Fix.
- Would Recommend Installing a mod to Limit Spell Cost Reduction to prevent 100% Free Casting.