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AlainTheGreat - ported by TheHunterWithTools

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This mod turns Ulfric Stormcloak into a fully voiced female.

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Note that this is an unofficial port. I messaged the author asking for permission but never got a reply. If they request it, I will respectfully take this mod down.

Description (taken from LE page)

"This mod turns Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak into a female". (Only the Vivace option was able to be ported)

"Also if loading an old save you will need to either wait for her inventory to be refreshed 3 days in game, or use the resurrect command, to get her wearing new clothes and blonde hair color
She is fully voiced, with the original dialogue lines replaced by a fantastic female voice actress.
Thank You luviabloodmire for recording all 764 lines of dialogue!"


1: The mod is still in Form 43, but that's no issue as far as I can tell. You can even compact FormIDs and flag the esp as an esl

2: Her body is in UNP. Those with CBBE can still use this mod just FINE.

3: I'm not an experienced mod maker, so don't ask me about compatibility or troubleshooting. At best, I'd say "Don't load anything that touches Ulfric's appearance." I use a heavily modded setup and this mod works fine.

4: She wears the Female Version of Immersive Armors in my version because Immersive Armors is overwriting this mod in my load order. I kinda like it, so I don't bother. She may wear something different from yours.
If you use hoftroopers immersive armors, disable heroic storm cloak armors in the mod configuration menu.

Credits to AlainTheGreat ( for making the original mod