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Makes it so the standalone versions of Kyoe's excellent brow mod point to the High Poly Head brow meshes. Requires Kyoe's mod for the textures and High Poly Head for the meshes.

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Preamble: I am a huge fan of Kyoe's Bang'n Brows. I'm creating an NPC overhaul and pretty much every one of my men have these brows, they're just wonderful. However, when working on the FaceGen I realized that they had the vanilla brow mesh and didn't quite fit the High Poly Head I was using. So, I popped into CK and made the brows from the standalone esp's point to KouLeifoh's HPH brow meshes, and voila -- high poly Kyoe's brows!

> Although I have shown only male characters wearing the brows, the female ones are converted too!

Each of my included files will correspond to one of Kyoe's files, just select which one you want from Kyoe's modpage (the replacer versions do not need to be converted as they are just textures and will automatically be converted if you use the HPH brows included in KL's mod) and then download one of the ESPs from this modpage :) The esp references meshes provided in the High Poly Head mod by KohLeifoh, so that is a required file as well. If you're here you probably already use HPH, just want to make sure everything is clear!

Credits go to Kyoe for the lovely textures and the kind permission to release this, and KouLeifoh for making the best custom head I think Skyrim has ever seen.
In my new pursuit of modding they were both very nice to me and I absolutely recommend endorsing + giving a kudos to Kyoe's work and checking out what KouLeifoh has on VectorPlexus! (NSFW website, though - FYI). Also thanks to Wenderer for creating the FOMOD Creation Tool and Shuffler90 for the tutorial on how to use it!

You may have also seen this mod, as far as I can tell they are identical it's just preference I suppose. :)