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Leather Armor used by Geralt in Witcher 3 - This is a port of the mod Witcher 3 Kaer Morhen Armour from LE. Besides me porting the mod I have recently remastered the mod. Besides crafting and tempering, you can now enchant the armor. This wasn't available in the LE mod or in SE version1.0

The is also a ESP-FE plugin flagged as a ESL.

Permissions and credits
Attention, please!!!
This new updated version is a whole new file. You will need to delete the old files out of your game entirely and download this newly remastered version of the mod.
I'm very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, but overall I think you will be very satisfied with this new version I hope!
I know I am, and feel more confident I gave you all a better version. Again this is the second mod that I have uploaded.

This mod is now considered remastered from the original mod on LE because you were only able to choose between both of the textures. Now you can have both of the textures in the game with it being in the main file. We made sure this armor is craftable and temperable. The enchanting option was added to this new version as well, and this hopefully makes it an armor that will be enjoyed by all who download it. Some comments were asking if this armor could have the enchanting ability added. I'm still new to modding, so with help from mod author cunny1975 for redoing the mod for me and adding all these features this was made possible by him, and I am so grateful to him. Credit to him is now at the bottom of the page in the credit section. He and I both have tested this mod, and it worked well in our games. I'm now very proud to re-release this mod and bring it to the Nexus community. I hope you will all enjoy all this mod has to offer, and if you do enjoy it, please don't forget to endorse the mod as well. Thank you all so much for your patience and support!

Best regards,

I just added a French-translated version of the main file in the optional section on 05/31/2021. Provided by Hawkhart
I just added a German-translated version of the main file in the optional file section on 05/31/2021. Provided by rore58

Here is the open permission from the original mod author himself taken from the description page, along with the other information from the original LE mod page.

Mod author is found here:

UPDATE 13 NOV 2016: 
I still don't own Skyrim SE so if anybody knows how to port this armor, you may do as you wish.

First, I wanna thank CD Projekt RED for allowing the use of their assets. 

This mod will add craftable Kaer Morhen armor which was initially used by Geralt in Witcher 3. It is originally Russian ver (found in The problem with the Russian version is the usage of too many materials when crafting and upgrading (40 leather to upgrade 1 piece of armor? now that's madness).
I already tweaked the value and material usage. 


Since this model is ported from Witcher 3, it doesn't have a female version and slider support. Considering how bulky Geralt is, best if you play your character with 100 weight.

This mod also comes with a dark retexture


Drop everything in your data folder

Geralt Of Rivia Voiced Follower The Witcher by imAarwyn
Swords on the back by Rakul (To equip your sword in Witcher style)

cunny1975 - For making both armor textures available in one file, and also making sure this mod offers to craft and tempering. He was the one who added the enchanting option for the SE port. He tested the mod for me to make sure it worked properly.

CD Projekt RED 
Minam012: for Korean version (translated into Russian)

Screenshots of this armor in your game on your characters or your followers would be very much appreciated!!! Thanks.