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This adds several new NPCs, shops and quests along the White River, to expand Whiteruns Exterior.

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Whiterun Riverside Expansion

This mod expands the exterior of Whiterun, specifically around the White River area past Battle-Born Farm. There are about twenty new NPCs added, as well as six new buildings. Included are an Inn, a Blacksmith, a General Goods store. This is to give you the ability to return to Whiterun, and have everything you need outside the city without having to go all the way in. Also included are a new farm, a mill, a mine and a guard tower, which serves to make the are feel more fleshed out. All NPCs have daily schedules and the relevant ones will sell to you or rent you a room.

Also available is another version, with three new quests, given by the new NPCs. These are unvoiced, so they are separated from the main version. 
  • Brothers for Life - Help a nobleman retrieve an heirloom from a local bandit.
  • The Blood Price - Recover some debts for a blacksmith.
  • A Dangerous Road - Investigate a missing caravan.

This is designed with compatibility in mind. It only modifies an area that few other mods don't touch, so it should be able to be added to most load orders. The following mods are recommended.
  • Capital Whiterun Expansion - By far the best Whiterun interior expansion.
  • Cutting Room Floor - Adds several new cut buildings.
  • Provincial Courier Service - Add a new building.
  • Darks Whiterun Market - Expands the area just outside the gates. Load before this mod otherwise the terrain wont line up.
  • Whiterun Forest Borealis - Adds trees to Whiterun Plains. A patch is provided.
  • Tundra Homestead has a patch

Not compatible.
  • Whiterun Expansion Redone.
  • Bathing Beauties or Beefcake.
  • Texarium.
  • Valkyrja Castle Whiterun.
  • Katixas Ciderhouse Restaurant.
  • Immersive Farms