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The players are to go to the southern part of Akavir, and explore a massive, living world.

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  • Portuguese
The players are to go to the southern partof Akavir, and explore a massive, living world. Awaiting you is a sea of
surprising plot twists and unexpected quests (fully in Russian language, voiced
by professional actors and several fans).
This mod is bigger in size than a DLC. Newcontent will entertain you for at least a couple of weeks.
It will amaze you with new places,architecture, culture, lifestyle, and survival conditions.
- The amount of NPCs involved in quests iscurrently more than 200.
- More than 3200 lines of fully voicedialogue.
- Main questline with a minimum of 30 hoursof playtime.
- New companions with unique dialogue fullyvoiced in Russian language.
- New spells, potions, weapons, monsters,and much more.
How to begin the quest: when you firstlaunch the game after installing the mod you will get a system message that
states “Long travels on the roads of Skyrim have exhausted you. You feel very
tired, and you want to sleep.”
But, before your character’s head touchesthe pillow and this incredibly entertaining journey begins, you need to know:
- Requires Skyrim unofficial patch
- You will only be able to return to Skyrimafter the main questline is complete.
So prepare for a long journey and remember:
- You need 50 000 septims to begin thequest.
- You must know “Flames” and “Frostbite”spells.
- Don’t rely on your equipment too much.

Tested with 294 active mods. The totalamount of mods is 365.

Incompatible with Majestic Mountains (leadsto artifacts on mountains and weird “wet” stones in the region).
Incompatible with any companions, especiallyin the beginning. In general, companions (not just yours, but also those you
can take with you to Akavir itself), in almost 90% of cases break scenes and
ruin your life.
If you take someone with you anyhow, thegame will probably freeze during a cutscene. Or if you took someone with you,
began the quest, and it doesn’t come to anything, again consider re-playing
without your companion (I had a couple precedents. For example, when an npc
that should have appeared, approach, and rob my unmoving body just didn’t
perform any actions because of an untimely appearance of a companion).
Most likely, the mod is incompatible withmods that block fast travel, with Survival in particular. This is expressed
with some scenes with dreams simply not happening for me. Conclusion: mods that
prevent teleportation or moving the player from one location to another can cause
total loss, or problems with, certain cutscenes.
It is recommended to turn off any mods withglobal scripts (for example, Survival or Requiem), make a clean save, and play
only then.
As with all global modifications, itis recommended to completely turn off autosaves and save manually atleast in four slots. Then you will definitely have no crashes during fast
travel, and no crashes in general.
ATTENTION!Some side quests unlock main quests. So if a door your quest marker is pointing
at is locked, it doesn’t mean anything. Doors in the mod are locked for a
reason. If it is closed, it is not yet time for it to open. If you legitimately
get stuck, despite my hint, there is a playthrough on youtube. Just don’t
regret it later, as it has a lot of spoilers. Also, side quests are very
entertaining ;)
Version history:
-Version 0.05 of 01/07/2019
Changed the settings for Tsaesci and Akaviriraces for better compatibility with mods that add new races.
Added new hint replicas to the “Trails onthe Sand” quest.
Added voice acting for several secondarycharacters.
-Version 0.25 of 01/21/2019
Corrected some quest-related mistakes.
Re-done some plot scenes.
Added quest markers and additional hints inmain quests.
Removed “strange” NPC and trader behavior(didn’t appear in proper places until the player entered their houses).
Fixed the bug that caused the game to crashwhen ashigaru armor was put on.
Added voice acting to some characters.
Finished the “Flame of War” quest.
-Version 0.80 of 03/14/2019
Deep rework of the main questline (added newscenes, dialogue, characters, markers, and much more).
Considerable rework of many plot locations,both interior and exterior.
Added new locations with mini-quests.
Added a new side quest.
Corrected all mistakes found by the players.
-Version 1.0 (release version) of 08/23/2019
Finished the main questline.
Added many new quests.
Re-done all cities and towns.
Changed the map landscape.
Corrected many small errors.
-Version 1.1 of 10/13/2019
Changed the settings of some characters.
Third sign in the quest “Destiny of Akavir”is now always seen.
Corrected texture pathways for severalmodels.
Improved some textures (in the future, themajority of “blurred” textures will be changed).
Removed empty variables in some scripts.
Removed skeletons at the bottom of the wellin the Dajsenre tomb (place where you must jump in the “Sleeping Souls” quest.
Added more mannequins and weapon stands tothe player home. The house itself has been moved to a different location.
-Version 1.3 of 05/01/2020
Removed unneeded objects in interiors.
Many small corrections to quests anddialogues.
Removed all mistakes in TES5Edit.
-Version 1.4 of 12/26/2020
Massive improvements to textures ofarchitecture, armors, monsters, bows, and several katanas. Improved resolution,
changed colors, sharpness, added new details (for example, dragon scales were
fully redrawn).
Found and fixed incorrect sizes and badexamples of textures.
Redone almost 80% of alpha channels, sotextures in game no longer look like butter.
Fixed two incorrect meshes that led tocrashes, plus one beard that led to visual bugs.
Fix from StrangeT of the problematic O-Eroiboots, that were described earlier, and the body of a Dragon Guard that caused
visual bugs. Just replace the .esm file and meshes with the ones from the fix.
The moment the fix will get enough changes new version will be released with
the newly compiled BSA archive.
-Version 1.4.1 of 27/05/2021
Fixed crash at the beginning of the main quest (after going to bed).
Removed alternative quest start when talking to a dying slave.
If you liked the mod, just repost it(suggest it to a friend or to a wider audience, please), Endorse after
downloading, and remember, many people worked for you completely for free. You
can help by spreading information about this mod. Yes, right now. Please don’t
delay, if you would.
Translated by: Любимые Адвенчуры и Квесты
Deep gratitude to all who took and stilltakes part in the project’s development!
To the voice actors, to the composer ofthe project’s music Yaroslav Bugakov, to Anton Yanichev for the provided
resources of the “Living NPCs” mod, and to NordwarUA for the armor models. In
addition, the future updated will feature improved textures provided by Beryle.

StrangeT for the help with removal ofvisual bugs and mesh corrections; Seinar (I won’t die of shyness, that’s for
sure), for the fixes of a large quantity of textures and HD retexturing of
armors, weapons, architecture, and monsters; Miro and everyone who helped him
for the majority of meshes that I brazenly borrowed, and also everyone who
provided and will yet provide any cooperation. Thanks, guys!