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Chakra SSE And Shu Akechi

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This mod adds one Samurai Akechi Themed armor and 2 weapons for Skyrim via the crafting system. (READ FULL DESCRIPTION BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS)

Permissions and credits
This mod adds one standalone armor set & 2 weapons (With 4 HQ variants for all armor and weapons) to Skyrim.

There is a LOT to grab in this mod which will be listed at the bottom alongside some questions and answers.

You must craft the armor under ebony at any forge. You will need 3 ebony ingots for every armor piece & ebony with leather strips for the weapons.

Alternatively you can use Additem Menu/Console Commands to obtain the gear. I added a chest with all items in for this method.

The armor is name coded with letters at the end. (G) Grey (R) Red (B) Blue (W) White, remember this when crafting the armor.

There is a potential issue which will occur depending on what nose your character has. If your nose is too long it may clip through the skull mask. 

No bodyslide support or weight slider. Armor works on females but uses the same meshes.

What can you get in this mod?

  • Akechi Helmet (Uses Hair Slot w/ 4 colour variants)

  • Akechi Skull Mask (Uses Circlet Slot w/ 4 colour variants)

  • Akechi Armor (Uses Body Slot w/ 4 colour variants)

  • Akechi Gauntlets (Uses Forearms Slot w/ 4 colour variants)

  • Akechi Boots (Uses Feet Slot w/ 4 colour variants)

  • Akechi Back Katana (Uses Slot 57 w/ 4 colour variants)

  • Akechi Pelvis Katana (Uses Slot 49 w/ 4 colour variants)

  • Akechi Katana (Weapon w/ 4 colour variants)

  • Akechi Nodachi (Weapon w/ 4 colour variants)

Questions and Answers

Q: Can I mix and match different pieces?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I request an armor pack?
A: Yes you can! There are not guarantees I can do it though as I am busy a lot of the time.

Q: What if you don't want to do my request?
A: There's a chance that if I don't want to do it, it's because the model either is behind a paywall, or it uses a file format I cannot open.


Model was obtained here by Shu Akechi with a royalty free licence. Shu Akechi orchestrated this entire mod and is to thank for it's existence. Please do give him a thumbs up!

GLAssassin took a few of the screenshots, while Destero took the rest! Find each user by clicking their names here!

drs32 did so much to help and this would've taken far longer without his help! Support him here!  

You can contact me here!