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A small mod which enables you to craft torches out of linen wrap and a firewood.

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About the mod:

Like the description says, you use 1 linen wrap and 1 firewood to craft a torch.
You can craft the torch under the miscellaneous category.
It uses a script unlike my other mods, because the torch is a light source instead of an object.
In the vanilla game you don't actually need this but when playing with lighting mods such as ELE, ELFX or RLO this mod is a must have.


1. Load it anywhere in your load order as it won't conflict with other mods.
2. You can download the source script under the miscellenous category, this is  for the modders who are interested in Papyrus.
3. I also added the object names in the CK description so you can easily access to the objects that were modded.


Post it in the bugs section, will take care of it if i am capable of taking care of it. If not i will get some help for it.

Changelog :

 - OTHER - 09.12.2016 Added the source script as a seperate download.

 - MOD - 1.1 Fixed a critical bug which made you unable to equip torches. If updating from the old version make sure you drop the crafted torch and pick it up again to get rid of the invisible torch "bug".

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