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Spiritual successor to Predator Vision, this mod is a new take on the way perception powers work in Skyrim.

Permissions and credits

This is just a port of Skyrim LE Vision

The Mod Author is Myst42

I got Permission. Here: This is One and this is Another

If you like Myst42's work, please consider supporting on Patreon.


Toggleable vision powers, designed specifically for vampires and werewolves
An MCM Menu to configure hotkeys
Fancier aesthetics, immersive ways to see the world as a supernatural predator.
A framework designed to make it easy for a modder to design and integrate their own vision filter powers into this mod.
Dynamic Vampire Appearance compatibility.
A system that allows smart headgear useage, provided a compatibility patch has been designed.

The Powers:

Heat Sense: Available to werewolves, designed as bright colors and high contrast, plus some
blurryness and heat perception in orange tones coming from living
creatures. Undead also glow in a softer blueish tone cause they're cold.

Blood Sense: Available to vampires, the tones look more greyish, in general, but living
greatures emit a red glow that softly pulsates as the blood calls you.
Other vampires can be recognized by their purpleish tones, and undead
also glow in pale blue.

Night Eye: 100% Desaturated, but much brighter, available to both vampires and werewolves, but also khajiit.

Werewolf Human Form: If you have Beast Blood, then in your human form you can use "Heat Sense" and "Night Eye".

If you lose your Beast Blood or Vampiric Powers. Your senses will be lost with them too.





Vampire Overhaul Mods: This mod needs to be loaded after any Vampire Overhaul mods.

Predator Vision: Incompatible, not to mention redundant.


Only bug I ever encountered, is sometimes I killed some enemy, and the
shader didn't dissipate after death, but it's a rare happening, happens
only when the game is stressed, and a cell reload will always fix it.

File credits:

I'm just an uploader who just converted this amazing mod for "Skyrim -
Special Edition". This mod is the baby of none other than Myst42. TOTAL
CREDITS GO TO Myst42 (couldn't use a Pronoun because I don't know if
Myst42 is he or she. I'm guessing 'She'. Not sure.)